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CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]


Sythaeryn looks at the creature with a confused look. He'd never seen the like before. Still, that poor woman was in danger so he strode forward, loading his sling and fired off a stone to attempt to dissuade it.

Nature: 1d20+1 7

Sling: 2d20l1+5 11 1d4+3 5

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Fitz scattered, moving as far away from his friends as he could manage. He didn't know much about dragons, but he knew that some of them breathed fire, and he figured that it was best not to bunch-up in that case. He had strung his bow as they began to approach the hills, and he fired an arrow at the creature to see what would happen. He hoped it wouldn't lead to his fiery death. Of course, it was a white dragon. Didn't that mean ice somehow? How does a creature breath ice? Isn't it too chunky? Also, this creature didn't seem to be white at all.

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Charwoman Gene

Bella's blast nicks the creature but, it seems to ignore the jolt. She sees a clump of shrubbery and attempts to hide.
Sythaeryn and Ulrik's attacks both completely miss but FItz's arrow slams scores a hit across the creature's haunch.

The creature leaps into the air, growling,"More meat!" as it flies towards the party. It shoots a volley of spikes from its tail, aiming at Fitz, Ulrik, and Sythaeryn. Luckily none of the spikes find their targets.

You can clearly see now the creature's humanlike face, and recognize the creature from tales as a manticore.

The manticore is in the air, 20 feet up, approximately 60 feet from Ulrik, 90 feet from the rest of you.
What do you do now?

Manticore [8 hp down]


Sythaeryn dodges a spike and moves closer, swinging a bit to the side to spread out from the others. He still wasn't in optimal range, but he fired off another sling stone just the same.

Sling: 2d20l1+5 12 1d4+3 7[/OOC]

Steve Gorak

Ulrik moves forward, and throws yet another one at the beast, but misses again I need to practice my throws, I am making a fool of myself! he thinks to himself, as he notes where his javelins fell. He also rejoices at the thought that he will soon batteling the creature in melee. ''Come and face me you coward'' He screams defiantly.

OOC: move: 30 feet towards the creature
Action: attack with javelin, attack 12, damage 8
Bonus action: none
Rage (1/2) round 2

Charwoman Gene


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