CG's Dragon of Icespire Peak [IC]

Steve Gorak

Ulrik asses the situation. He nods his approval at Sythaeryn's magics, and to wrap up the job, picks up a javelin, and throws it towards the goblin close to the forest.

OOC: attack [roll]1d20+5[/roll], piercing damage [roll]1d6+3[/roll]

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"You are welcome."

Sythaeryn strides up to Rorik and hands him a small handful of berries.

"Eat these, they should help. Is anyone else injured?"

After handing out more berries to anyone who needs them, the elf introduces himself.

"I am Sythaeryn, and this is Ulrik."


"Well met, my good friends!" said Fitz in his usual happy manor, "Bella, wee lass. Are y'okay? You have a bit of a scratch, there, love."

He went about, flipping over goblins and checking their pockets.


Sythaeryn takes one glance at the trail and nods. "Enough to need cleansing. I've suffered these creatures in these woods long enough."

The elf looks like he's spoiling for a fight. Though he considers the others curiously for a moment.

"I am a druid, protector of the natural order. These goblins despoil the nature about them and thus are my enemy. But you are all new to me. I am curious. What goals do such well armed people have along this road?"


The question 'what are you doing along this road' had always made Fitz nervous, having been a wanted highwayman along many roads. He skipped away to avoid the question and began to poke about the trail, looking for clues that might tell him how many goblins used the trail, and how often.


"We are heading to outlands where adventure lies and fewer questions are asked," Bella says. "If you all want to track those goblins, I will help, but I doubt there is profit to be had."

Charwoman Gene

Assuming there is rough consensus, you follow the trail into the woods. (Speeding up here.)

You notice a few old traps, now sprung and not set back up again.

Eventually you come to a cave with a stream running out of it.

Investigating the caves shows evidence of a large group of goblins living here some times ago, but a smaller group living here quite recently. The only items of value are a large number of crates and barrels marked with a blue lion symbol.

The blue lion is the symbol of the Lionshield Coster, a trading company with a presence in Phandalin.

Epic Threats

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