Character Creation Stat Draft (Trial Draft Complete!!)

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Hrr. Tough choice. Especially if I try to strategize when my next pick will come.

But sometimes, you gotta take what will make for teh best concepts, and darn the strategy...

16 Intelligence, please.

Finley DaDum

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Wahoo, the Str-16 is still available - yoink.

The run on Constitution really shouldnt have come as a surprise to me, I guess I could have taken the 18 Con since I'm sure thats where my wild 16 will end up, still the Str 16 would likely not have been available at the next pick so I will count my blessings.

It will be interesting to see how many of the wild scores end up in Con. Putting aside the 18 it had the weakest stats overall and I rarely see people accept a negative score there if they can aviod it. Allready mine will almost certainly end up there and I wouldnt be surprised if Thanee's does too.

Enkhidu I plan to pick my Intelligence last. With the 13 being the 4th highest score for that stat, you shouldnt have any problems getting it. I would shoot for the 4th round if it were me.


And I'll go ahead and take the 14 Str (Finley was right about me figuring that the 18 Con would mean that the 16 Strength would be gone!).

By the way, this is turning out pretty well, el-remmen.


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Pick Order for the Third Round (plus stat choices so far):

1) Gold Roger - 16 Wis | 13 Con
2) Thanee - 16 Cha | 14 Wild
3) Ekhidu - 18 Con | 14 str
4) Umbran - 15 dex | 16 Int
5) Finley - 16 wild | 16 str
6) Elder-Basilisk - 14 con | 17 str

GR - we await your choice
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Elder-Basilisk said:
Looks like I'm going last next round :)

Ok, you were right.

But only because I was still thinking the sum of all picks so far would be used to determine the order, as had been said at some point, but apparantly not right before the draft. :p

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