WOIN Character Creation Worksheet

Steven Barker

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Hellow fellow WOIN players. I've been learning the rules recently and making some characters, and I thought it would be useful to put together a spreadsheet that would help make it easier to keep track of skill ranks and attribute modifiers while building a character. This isn't a full character sheet, just a compact worksheet to help you build a character with the least amount of fiddly bookkeeping. Other than adding up skill ranks and attributes modifiers, it doesn't do anything for you.

Here's a link to the Worksheet. You will probably need to make your own copy of it before you can edit the fields (let me know if I've messed up the permissions in some way).

  • Fill in yellow cells. Orange ones are automatically computed. You won't need to fill in all the yellow cells, but you'll probably want most of the darker yellow ones filled for a Grade 5 character, along with a some of the lighter yellow ones.
  • Start by putting the name of your species in the appropriate cell, and filling in your race skills in the three cells with the outline (one is on the next row). Add your racial attribute modifiers to the right, and if you have any extra skills from racial exploits, put them in the extra skills cells (one skill rank per cell). This worksheet does not keep track of racial exploits, you'll need to do that on your own.
  • For NEW characters, fill in your homeworld type, it's skill, and its attribute modifiers.
  • Pick your two free universal exploits from the drop down boxes between the skills and attribute cells on the species and homeworld lines.
  • For your origin and each career, put the career name in the first yellow cell, then two skills, then the name of an exploit. Add the attribute modifiers, and any extra skills (such as from a career exploit like basic training or a bachelor's degree) further over to the right.
  • The worksheet will add up your attribute modifiers and all the skill ranks you've taken, and will show you your total ranks and die pools for each at the bottom of the page.

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