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Chicago Gameday 40 is March 21 at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL

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First Post
Buzz, please put me down for an afternoon slot of "Just Sentinels"; it's the Sentinels of the Universe ApoWo hack of the Just Heroes hack that came out a few months ago.

System: Just Heroes (Apocalypse World hack)
Title: "The Rising Dawn"
# Players: 5
It was an ordinary day in Megalopolis, and the rest of the world, when an ultimatum was delivered. Citizen Dawn, the leader of the Citizens of the Sun and the most powerful being on the planet, declared it was "time to sear the impurities from the Earth." Given that Dawn and her fellow Citizens of the Sun feel that ordinary humans are inferior to the Citizens and thus the "impurities", the Freedom Five and any other heroes they can find will have to stop Citizen Dawn before it's too late!

Just Sentinels is a setting hack of a previous superhero ApoWo hack, Just Heroes. It is set in reality of The Sentinels of the Multiverse co-op card game from Greater Than Games, so familiarity with SotM is helpful but not at all necessary. Just bring 2d6 and your best superhero and character-narrative mindsets, and you'll have a blast. There will be ten heroes to choose from, eight from the game and its expansions, and two original homebrew characters.


Buzz, please put me down for an afternoon slot of "Just Sentinels"; it's the Sentinels of the Universe ApoWo hack of the Just Heroes hack that came out a few months ago.

Put me down to run some One Ring in the morning slot. private room of possible, end table near the door if not. -Julian.
Added! Welcome to Gameday, Julian (assuming this is your first time)!


First Post
I'd like to run Unheroes in the morning slot and Time Cellist in the afternoon. Here's the deets:

Time: morning (9:30 a.m.)
Game system: American freeform LARP (which can be done in the midst of everything else)
Event Title: Unheroes
Description: You’re all normal people. You’re here, in this normal place, doing whatever normal thing you’re doing. Everyone around you is getting on with their lives – they’re perfectly normal, just like you. Except that you weren't normal before. You were superheroes, the saviors of Herotopia, though you don’t remember it. No one does. The whole world was changed, and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never existed. But it’s trying to reassert itself. What happens if it does? Why did everything change in the first place? You're the only ones with the answers.
An image: up to you
Content Rating: Kid-Friendly, if need be
Number of Players: 4-8
Table Preference: D, E or F would be preferable, but wherever is fine.

Same info as last time for Time Cellist, but let me know if you need it again.


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It doesn't need to, but it can if we need to go somewhere else or if we're bothering people. It's specifically designed to be played in public spaces without hassle.


First Post
Greetings, Citizens.

  • [highlight]Time[/highlight]: morning (9:30 a.m.) slot
  • [highlight]Game system[/highlight]: Paranoia XP, Service Pack 1
  • [highlight]Event Title[/highlight]: [REDACTED: INSUFFICIENT SECURITY CLEARANCE]
  • [highlight]Description[/highlight]: Greetings, Citizens. [REDACTED: INSUFFICIENT SECURITY CLEARANCE] six volunteers will report to Assignment Center G4M35+ at 0900. Qualified applicants will receive cake upon completion of assignment. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • [highlight]An image[/highlight]:
  • [highlight]Content Rating[/highlight]: Infrared
  • [highlight]Number of Players[/highlight]: 6
  • [highlight]Table Preference[/highlight]: None

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