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Chicago Gameday 40 is March 21 at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL

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Fairman Rogers

First Post
As sad as I will be not to try out whatever Nathan is bringing, I will grab an afternoon slot for a Savage Worlds game. I will do the writeup in the next couple of days.


OK Buzz, here is my offering

Evening slot

Danger Patrol RPG Beta

Danger Patrol is an action/adventure retro sci-fi game where the player's input directs the plot as much or more then the GM's. The idea is to create the episodes of a '50s-style TV show in the vein of the old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials (with maybe a dash of the Venture Bros., Star Wars, and Indiana Jones).

No EXP necessary to play. Just bring a sense of pulp adventure and a desire to role play. It is recommended that everybody bring the following dice: 1d12, 1d10, 2d8, 3d6, and 1d4. Characters will be generated at the table. Several episodes will be available to choose from.

5 players, Adults prefered


Fairman Rogers

First Post
And suddenly there's an explosion of sci fi. Nothing wrong with that, I hope. :)

Evening slot

Event Title - "Rosewood"
Description -
It is 2057. For five years now, the first full terraforming colony on Mars has been working steadily to convert the planet’s atmosphere to make it habitable. All seemed to be going smoothly until about six months ago when communication from the colony suddenly stopped just after a brief distress signal was sent. An emergency rescue mission was immediately organized, and you are the crew for that mission. What surprises await our heroes on the red planet?

Rosewood is a sci-fi horror adventure using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules.

Players - 6, kid friendly


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