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Anime d20 "Metropolis"

Hi ya-
Syn; on diversy and clark there is a place called centry mall and on the 3rd deck I think isGamers Paradice. its an ok place but if you are willing to travel a bit, there is an awesome game store called Games Plus in mount prospect. These guys have every RPG/ board game/ miniture possible.
As for the anime d20 campaign I would like to run, it is set in the world of Neo-Orion which consists of two or possibly more empires
the two I have fleshed out our on the oppisite sides of the globe.
One is ruled by Duke Vin Deroth whom rules with an iron fist
over a vast area from his giant mega-city of Metropolis.
The other Empire is called Neo-Orion and ruled from the city of guilds and coins by Neo-Queen Serena.
I have my own gods/ demi-gods and so on and they work like the gods in forgotten Realms IE clerics get special ability's/ powers.
I have very few costume feats/ skills to add since the system does a pretty good job of covering that aspect, but I am playing with the idea of adding hinderances in return the character gets more skill points to spend.


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Gamers Paradice & Games Plus

omokage; the last time was at the century was about a year ago where I worked out at Ballys, the theater is at the top deck wear the old Gamers Paradice used to be, now the first thee or four decks are stores. Its still there but GP deals more in lava lamps and family board games then RPG's, their selection aint that great.
So if you have a car go to Games Plus and yes you can find other players who post want ads on Games Plus boards.
Gamers Paradice used to have a gamers wanted board but I think they stopped it.



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Well, after some careful consideration, I'd like to start another campaign again. One of my friends and I each have a start-stop problem because the players don't tend to be of high caliber and it kinda defeats the purpose of GMing when two players hate each other enough to always plot to kill one another so one of 'ems gotta go. In the meanwhile though, that pops up some holes into the old campaign which means that there needs to be some type of balance. I'm figuring a new campaign with some good old fun.

I live on the northside by Evanston and Linconwood. Interested parties e-mail Joegk@rcnchicago.com . Current group tends to be late twenties, early thirties. We use lots of options, but everything is pretty much GM's approval, including stuff from the core books.

Game is on Saturday, 1 PM to 6 PM. Or at least those are the hours I'd liek to keep it at. I work on the weekdays second shift so no gaming then unless it takes place in the morning.

If anyone is playing a game on Saturday, I'd be interested in seeing how that goes as well and would appreciate some feedback.


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gamers paradise

I am not sure which gamers you mean, but what scott said is true, they do have a nice variety of lava lamps. I know for a fact that the gamers in the orland park mall are very hardcore gamers, and they may be of help in tracking down people. honestly, I wished I read this thread back when it started because I have been looking for a game all summer. of course now I find it while I am at gen con and will be leaving for work two days after the con. I do know a few people who are looking for a game that may be interested, and if your still looking come november, I would be interested. thats all.

I'm still accepting players in my group. We've got a kiss-axe campaign running. Right now, the PCs are at 2nd level, so you can still get in early. Things are just beginning.

We play in Lansing, which is in the south suburbs, just south of Interstate 80. We play on Saturdays, but we could be flexible in order to accomodate a player that we want in the group.

The campaign is thick with plot and mystery. All of the players are creative role-players. I do a lot of original writing for the campaign.

My email is mojofilter1113@msn.com

If you live in driving distance of lansing, or know a player who does, please contact me.


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Sounds like a kicking game but I'm on the far north side of Chicago and wouldn't be able to make it out there. Mt. Prospect is about as far as I'm willing to travel in that direction and haven't really decided how far south is too far, but I know Lansing is too far.


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Still looking?

Hey if anyone was looking, I'm actually across the street from 1040 W Granville and looking to play a game....

Lemme know what's up....


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Looking For Players in NW Chicago Area

Looking for players to join our existing 3rd Edition D&D group. I've been playing for 21 years, DMing for 19. We're looking for experienced players over 25 years old (preferably over 30). Our group plays every other Friday night on the Northwest side of Chicago, from 7:00 pm to about 1 am (sometimes longer). Our games are a good mix of role-play (not stressed) and puzzles with some good old fashioned hack and slash thrown in. Basically we just like to get together and have fun. Some of us do smoke, in case that's a problem for you.

A quick survey to see if you'd fit into our group:

1. Do you answer the phone at work/home, "Hail and well met"?

2. Do you go to your local grocery store dressed in full plate and exclaim things like, "This produce looks evil and must be smote!"?

3. Do you end each day with a daily prayer ritual to a papier-mâché idol in the likeness of Gary Gygax, lovingly crafted from the pages of a first edition Unearthed Arcana?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I'm sure there's another group out there for you, as well as a good psychoanalyst.

If you answered no, and just like to get together, have a couple laughs and a good time with some other not-so-serious gamers, drop me an email at NiteShadow@aol.com.
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