Children of Sorrow


JENDI immediately intervenes, reminding Davos diplomatically that rumors, while not actual proof of something being true, are proof that the idea is possible and needs investigating. "I realize you've know Cosmo for about as long as I've been alive," Jendi smiles winningly, "but we don't always see the changes all at once."

The elfling ignores the sharp glance his sister throws at him as he continues. "Perhaps there have been moments now and then where you've had cause to pause, but you decided you were imagining things. Perhaps you saw something - or someone else reported something - that was 'easily' explained away, by Cosmo, his employees, or even yourself, trying to rationalize the doubts back into faith in your friend."

Jendi observes the sheriff as his words sink in, hopefully developing roots.

Jendi makes a Primary Skill Diplomacy check to convince Davos to consider the possible truth of Nemo's rumors: +14 = Autosuccess vs 15 Moderate DC. Success.

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Skill Challenge, Convince Davos to call off Elena's wedding, L5 C3: (6 Successes/0 Failures/2 Secondary Skills available/1 Hard DC available/1 Advantage* available).

Davos's brow wrinkles and his expression grows dark at Jendi's words. Yet, it is clear that whatever defensive backstepping he might have been making was based on fear your intimations were about him, not his associate, betrothed to his daughter.

"Yes," he admits. "It's possible. We all have our peculiarities and secrets, I suppose. I've noticed the oddity now and again, and Cosmo has been unusually enthusiastic about his newest logging venture. And yet light on details.

"But I think you mistake our relationship here. I wish nothing more than to have you," he turns to Mylistra, "out of my daughter's life, no longer filling her head with fanciful notions and celestial prognostications. And I have no need of the rest of you, Juniper's offspring or no, particularly if all you bring is unsubstantiated rumor and hazy suggestions. Erathis knows, Ravenswood is full enough of that nonsense! I am Sheriff of this town, with an army of constables at my beck and call and uncounted agents who owe my favors or wish to curry mine. I have no use for you.

"If you're quite finished, see yourselves out and I'll spare you the 'handling' and cell time as thanks for giving me something to think further about. Good day to you!" He finishes with voice rising to crescendo and waves towards the door.

What do you do? You can exit the scene and I can reframe a new scene at some other time and place after you've considered and signalled how you would like to proceed, given the current circumstances (your progress towards completion of the SC would carry forward, of course). Or you can make some bold and dramatic move here and now against the Hard DC to forestall your dismissal.
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At Davos's outburst, MYLISTRA and Jendi both turn to leave, but Toriq stops in her tracks. The sheriff's emphatic gesture with his arm has caused his greatcoat to open, revealing the necklace he is wearing, a leather cord holding a fragment of stone... a very specific stone. In fact, Toriq has only seen such stone - of a deep dark purple red, almost black, color, with small metallic flecks - deep in the forest ... the Ruby Spire. This is a piece of the Ruby Spire around the sheriff's neck. But why and how? The witch, noticing her friend pause suddenly, glances around to see what caused her to do so and sees what she is staring at with horrified fascination around Davos's neck. Her own eyes widen for a moment, then flick up to his face, narrowing in consideration.

"Where did you get that stone, sheriff?" Toriq asks, holding carefully onto a calm, even tone. Davos opens his mouth to give an expectedly belligerent answer, but he seems unable to actually do so. Everyone, including Jendi standing at the threshold of the office, wait for an answer ... any answer. The sheriff closes his mouth, eyes a little cloudy with confusion, and looks at the three figures standing, staring at him. Sweat beads up on his brow as he struggles. Then, with a shake of his head, his confidence appears to return, his eyes back in focus. "What are you still doing here? I told you good day! Unless you want the handling and cell time I'm offering?"

Mylistra now takes up the reigns: "the stone on your necklace, Davos? Where is it from? It is dangerous and, I believe very strongly, is having an effect on you." Jendi steps back into the room, now also staring at the rock. "What kind of stone is that? I've never seen anything like that!" he wonders aloud. Toriq answers darkly, "I have. Its source is unknown, but pieces of it are used in very powerful magicks, in very powerful compulsion magicks." Davos begins to bluster somewhat incoherently, occasionally refocusing on expelling them from his office, but their questions are obviously striking a cord of some sort ... at least for brief moments.

NEMO remains unnoticed, hanging back, watching everything going on, eyes darting from Toriq's face, to the sheriff's, to Myslistra and back to Toriq. Something is clearly going on, so he wants to be ready for his opportunity, as soon as he figures out what that could possibly be. From his vantage point behind Davos, he sees it: his opportunity. He sneaks forward on soft feet, leaps up onto Davos's chair, and, after sticking one of his daggers between his teeth, reaches gingerly up to the leather cord with both hands. While the conversation continues between the taller folk, the halfling carefully, slowly, seamlessly, eases the cord around until his fingers can reach the stone. Listening to Mylistra's insistent pleas that "surely here is proof that Cosmo cannot be trusted, for surely no one else would do such a thing" and "how can you force your daughter to marry someone you obviously do not trust, for why else have you been compelled to agree?" Nemo makes a quick slice of the cord, quickly catches the stone before it falls. Hopping back down from the chair, he sneaks over to the others to see if there is any effect.

There is. Almost immediately the bluster fades, and Davos falls back into his chair, looking up at them. His hand rubs at the spot where the stone had lain, as if his skin is irritated by some contamination. He bows his head, staring blindly at the top of his desk, head slowly shaking. Then, he looks up at them with a frown. "The wedding is off. You may now leave." Picking up some papers on his desk, he ignores them for a minute or two while they continue to stare watchfully. Looking up finally, he frowns deeply at them, then roars, "I bid you good day!!"

Mylistra holds Elena's hands, giving her assurances that they succeeded in convincing her father to stop the wedding. "I'm sure your father will give the news to you this evening, when he returns home. But it is truly off!" The witch exchanges glances with Toriq before continuing.

"I have something else for you, something for you to use as a form of currency in power, should the need ever arise. I know you have wondered for years about what happened to your mother and how you came to be delivered from the wrath of her madness. Indeed, you have often told me how you worry about the possibility of her eventual return." Pausing, Mylistra reaches into her satchel for a piece of rolled vellum tied with a pink cord of leather. "I have here proof that her return will not happen, that you may rest easy ... and how it came to pass." She looks up into the eyes of Elena for a long moment, watching knowledge grow in that young woman's eyes. Knowledge, but not resignation. Sorrow, but with it resilience and resolution. Mylistra gives her a grave smile in acknowledgement. "Here. Use it if necessary: know that this information - used wisely - should empower your life's journey." She presses this into the hand of the young woman. "And know I will always come if you call."

  • Once again, we are leveraging an Advantage to parlay 1 Success at the Hard DC into 2 Successes
  • Mylistra makes a Secondary Skill Insight check to recognize that Davos is under a curse of compulsion: +10=Autosuccess, for a +2 SS bonus to
  • Nemo's Primary Skill Thievery check to remove the necklace with the fragment of the Ruby Spire from around Davos's neck (and thus break the curse): r18 +13 +2 SS = 33 vs. 22 Hard DC. Success for 2 Successes.
  • Mylistra hands Elena the piece of blackmail leverage given by the Children of Sorrow: proof that Davos - seeing Elena's mother as a threat to his daughter - killed the mother.
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Well, that is some clever play! You complete the Skill Challenge successfully and reserve the use of the blackmail information to explain Elena's ongoing improved situation. Plus, pick up an interesting item in the process (see below)!

Skill Challenge, Convince Davos to call off Elena's wedding, L5 C3 successfully completed. Mylistra's Minor Quest: Help Elena escape her father successfully completed.


Milestone achieved.

Convince Davos to Call off Wedding SC (600 XP) + Help Elena escape her father Minor Quest (100 XP) = 700/4 PCs= 175 XP/PC.

Loot: Amulet of Passage (Heroic Tier Artifact)
Amulet of Passage
Heroic Level

This simple leather cord is unassuming, bearing a single stone of deep, dark purple-red, almost black, color, with small metallic flecks. While you wear this amulet, it stirs thoughts of legendary battles and heroic deeds.

The Amulet of Passage is a +2 magic amulet with the following properties and powers.

Item Slot: Neck

Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

You gain a +2 item bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks to escape, and to Thievery checks to open locks.

Power ✦ At-Will (Standard Action)
You attune an ally to the Amulet. While attuned and within 10 squares of you, an ally can use the Amulet's powers (but not its enhancement bonus or properties) as if he or she were wearing it.

Power (Teleportation) ✦ Daily (Move Action)
You and each attuned ally can each use this power once per day. You teleport a number of squares equal to your speed.

Goals of the Amulet of Passage
  • Find those that could become legendary heroes and guide them toward their destined paths.
  • Continue to move through the world in search of new heroes.
Roleplaying the Amulet of Passage
When the Amulet of Passage first comes into a character's possession, it resents the task set before it and must be convinced that its new owner truly is destined for greatness. As its owner continues to succeed, the artifact begins to believe that the character is worthy of his or her destiny.The Amulet of Passage doesn't communicate verbally or telepathically, but it does instill emotional states in its owner, depending on its concordance. It will use feelings of courage and confidence to encourage its owner to push forward without an extended rest (see "Drawing Characters Onward" on page 54).

Starting Score5
Owner gains a level+1d10
Owner reaches three milestones in one day+2
Owner completes a major quest (maximum 1/day)+1
Owner's ally dies-1
Owner stays in the same region for 2 weeks without reaching a milestone-1

Pleased (16-20)
"Soon we will accomplish the stuff of legend. Everything we've done so far is just a prelude to what lies ahead."The Amulet of Passage is pleased and impressed with its owner, and it instills a sense of courage, confidence, and destiny in that character. It urges its owner to ever greater achievements.

The Amulet's item bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks to escape, and to Thievery checks to open locks, increases to +5.

Power (Reliable, Teleportation) ✦ Daily (Standard Action)
You or an attuned ally can use this power. Make an attack: Close burst 10; targets one creature; Intelligence +3, Wisdom +3, or Charisma + 3 vs. Will; on a hit, the target disappears from its location (save ends). While the target is gone from its location, it can't take actions and can't be targeted. On a save, it reappears in the space it last occupied (or in the nearest unoccupied space of its choosing if that space is occupied).

Satisfied (12–15)
"Our destinies are intertwined as we walk together on the road of adventure."The Amulet of Passage appreciates its owner's drive and encourages that character to achieve more. It instills a sense of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and urgency in its owner, trying to drive the character toward still greater actions.

Power (Teleportation) ✦ Encounter (Move Action)
You and each attuned ally can each use this power once per encounter. You teleport 10 squares into a space adjacent to an ally who is wearing or attuned to the Amulet.

Normal (5–11)
"I say we go that way."The Amulet of Passage is noncommittal when it first comes into its owner's possession, waiting to see whether the character will live up to the artifact's expectations. It does encourage the owner to be more decisive, to keep on the move, and to seek adventure and heroic deeds whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Unsatisfied (1–4)
"If you don't step over the mountain ridge, the scenery never changes."The Amulet of Passage is disappointed in its owner, who clearly lacks the drive or ability to accomplish great things. The character might experience the Amulet's displeasure as a nagging feeling of longing, or as thoughts of wanting something more out of life and the need for a change of scenery.

The Amulet's enhancement bonus decreases to +1.

Angered (0 or lower)
"We are all lost, and so is this cause."The Amulet of Passage despairs of ever goading its owner to great deeds, and that despair rubs off on the character. The owner feels as if he or she will never achieve great things or accomplish anything of lasting import.

The Amulet's enhancement bonus decreases to +1. The owner can no longer use any of the Amulet's powers, and all allies lose their attunement to the Amulet.

The Amulet's item bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks to escape, and to Thievery checks to open locks, is negated.

Moving On
"I have shown you the path, but you must take the first steps on your own."After the Amulet of Passage has guided its owner and his or her allies onto the path of their destinies, it moves on to find its next owner. Before it leaves, it provides the characters one last passage, typically a teleportation of some great distance (perhaps even across worlds), to where their next great adventure will begin.

Note to the reader: after @Nephis made her post, we had a discussion (elsewhere) about the fate of the necklace Davos was wearing. I proffered the possibility of the necklace item being this level's (ie, second level's) magic item reward; as we're using Fixed Enhancement Bonuses, there is but one magic item reward/group/level gained. Nephis thought this made the most narrative sense, had a look at level 5 (L+3, the level of said item at each reward cycle) neck slot items, and turned up the Amulet of Passage in her search. We discussed the impact of Artifact items on the game, the salience of an artifact and this particular item's relevance to Nemo at this narrative moment, and so on. In general, we're proceeding within the parameters of up to one Rare magic item/PC/tier of play + up to one Artifact item/group/tier of play.

Moving forward, @Nephis , compose a short post in which (a) you describe the group's perspective on this Arifact (eg, Toriq's response to a piece of the Ruby Spire being retained by Nemo, etc), (b) you describe the shift in power of the Amulet from one of mind control to its current incarnation, (c) you write a new Quest (Minor or Major) for Mylistra (note you don't yet have a clear Quest for Toriq), and (d) you choose an approach to enacting the jailbreak of Beppa, leader of the Children of Sorrow, from Ravenswood Gaol. For this last, consider Blades in the Dark's system for planning heists and choose a general approach (assault, deception, stealth, occult, social, or transport) with one key detail and then I'll set the parameters of the Skill Challenge and we'll proceed from there, with my initial framing of the scene developed from your key detail.
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Juniper watches as her children, her apprentice, and the newest member of their little "family" examine the necklace taken from the sheriff, occasionally asking some prodding questions, such as what makes Toriq so sure that its origins are "her" alien rock in the forest? and how did they recognize the signs of compulsion and how did they manifest? As questions are asked and answered - sometimes not to the satisfaction of anyone, Jendi and Mylistra continue to analyze the stone on the leather cord: its aura (no one can quite decide if they are or are not seeing it pulse), its temperature (it is strangely warm to the touch), its weight (far heavier than they would expect a fragment of its size), its color (they debate whether they would call it more purple or more red, plus what metal make up the specks within?), its ...

Their study is interrupted as Nemo, who has been standing and staring fixedly at the necklace, somehow reaches over them and picks it up. The others in the room observe without speaking the halfling's actions: he looks at it closely, smells it, holds it to his ear, then ties it around his neck. "You have awoken it," he tells the others, causing everyone to gasp in alarm. "No! No, it means no harm, I believe: it was simply being misused and it means to be helpful. I can sense its gratitude that I was able to release it. I think the compulsion magicks have been removed, possibly simply from your handling of it." He looks pleadingly at Jendi, who stares at the amulet with narrowed and possibly covetous eyes.

The warlock reaches a hand forward, causing Nemo to step back defensively. "I only want to hold it and analyze its mystic qualities, to make sure it is not unduly influencing you. I won't remove it." After receiving his friend's consent, Jendi gently closes his hand around it and shuts his eyes for a moment. They watch as he cocks his head to one side and seems to be listening to it or something the others cannot hear. After a moment, he smiles and looks at Nemo. "Yes, I think you are correct: it will be helpful to us, and I sense no compulsion." Turning to Mylistra, he suggests she "listen" as he just did, to see for herself.

Then, despite the dubious looks given by those who have yet to hold the stone in their hand, they each - one by one - "listen" to the stone, becoming reassured. After Juniper has her own chance to "listen," she looks at the younger folk and says, in wry amusement, "Well, we're either all of us under the same compulsion, or the stone is indeed safe. How do you feel, my young friend, wearing such a heavy stone?"

Nemo considers for a moment before answering. "It doesn't feel as heavy wearing it as it did when I held it in my hand. It also feels ... right somehow, as if here is where it is meant to be ... for now. I feel ... um ... privileged, maybe? to be wearing it? It feels like part of my journey, if that makes any sense."

These words give a sense of reassurance to Toriq, who is torn about whether or not the halfling should hold onto a piece of the Ruby Spire. The covetous gleam in her brother's eyes as he gazes upon the amulet have not been lost on her, and she would definitely have fought any attempt on his part to take it for himself. But Nemo? She can sense a deep honesty and commitment in this very young but surprisingly heroic teenager. She also senses that the stone seems to "belong" to him and agrees with Nemo's description as this being a temporary partnership. She has heard of such things from other Guardians, and perhaps these objects described also have their origin in the Ruby Spire? She shudders a moment, terribly relieved that Jendi does not know much about the Spire's existence, nor its location.

a and b are above, including the attunement to the Amulet by Nemo (primary user), along with Jendi, Mylistra, Toriq, and Juniper

and here is c:

  • Mylistra:
    • Minor Quest: discover the source of madness she sees here in Ravenswood (e.g. Elena's mother) and back in Grimmglimtë.
    • Major Quest (possibly, or Heroic tier capstone?): Put an end to the fouling influence
  • Toriq:
    • Minor Quest: uncover Cosmo's connection to the Cult of Orcus
    • Minor Quest: find and put a stop to Cosmo's excavation in the Forest
and finally, here's d:

Breaking Beppa out of prison:
  • General approach: Stealth: Trespass Unseen.
  • Point of infiltration: sneak in during change in shifts, in the dead of night.
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NOTE: in addition to doing the active SC, we are also doing reconnaissance and planting seeds for potential flashback obstacles in the subsequent Break Beppa Out of Gaol SC.
Ravenswood Gaol is a squat, stone tower on the edge of the public square, home of the town gibbet and market stalls, and amid several brick and stone administrative buildings in close proximity to the Black River, though upstream of the docks. Its aboveground levels house offices such as the Sheriff's, storerooms, barracks, and the like. Your reconnaissance of the interior noted the formidable barred, reinforced door leading to narrow, spiraling steps downward into the cells underneath the structure.

It is midnight, the hour of the shift change, when the chaos of jocularity and the hubbub of constables might mask other, unexpected noise. The weather cooperates with your endeavor, the Great Moon but a slender sickle, largely hidden by thick clouds that part only on occasion as the wind gusts fiercely.

One of the Children of Sorrow, a freckled teen about Nemo's age named Hildy, leads you to a warehouse behind the gaol on the riverbank. She slides aside a wooden crate that reveals an excavated tunnel, large enough for a human to squirm through on elbows.

"This doesn't lead directly to Beppa's cell," she says. "That would be too perfect. But this meets up with an old plumbing works shaft that will get you into the basements. Hope you can hold your breath. It'll be plenty cold and wet! Take the second left, then up through the grate a dozen squirms further, continue ahead three dozen squirms minus two; you'll reach a fork; take the left, which descends, then you'll need to hold your breath and make through the river access pipe--that's filled with water. Your destination is at the end of that. Got it? Good!"

Skill Challenge, Prisonbreak,
L4 C2 (6 Successes before 3 Failures; DCs 10/14/21; 2 Secondary Skills available; 1 Hard DC available).

What do you do to navigate your way into the undergaol? Moderate DC.


TORIQ shakes her head, vaguely bemused: how the heck will she fit through there? Nemo should obviously have no problems. He might even be able to walk upright. Both Jendi and Mylistra are slender enough to slither on through, although her brother will not be thrilled with the damp nor the muck.

Sighing in resignation, the warden makes sure her equipment is secure before bending down to peer through the darkness. In her ear, she hears a query made in a hushed voice: "would you like me to go first?" Looking back over her shoulder at Nemo, Toriq smiles and indicates that she does not.

Taking out a coil of rope, she ties several loops for each of them to slip over their wrists, leaving more than enough space for each to crawl. Before entering the tunnel, she looks them over carefully and gives a small sigh. "Follow me closely," she murmurs, "and for the sake of all the gods and goddeses, do not let go of this rope!"

Considering for a moment, she makes a small adjustment. "Yes, my little friend, you will act as leader. I will be able to see over and around you. Carry this," Toriq hands Nemo a sunrod. "Together we'll retrace your friend's steps. Careful, now!"

It is exactly as cold and wet as young Hildy claimed, but the halforc endeavors to ignore the damp as she tries to remember the correct number of halfling-sized squirms for each turn and hopes the adjustments are made correctly!

* Toriq makes a Primary Skill Dungeoneering check to follow Hildy's directions in navigating the tunnel: r12+9=21 vs 14 Moderate DC. Success.


Skill Challenge, Prisonbreak, L4 C2 (1 Success/0 Failures; 2 Secondary Skills available; 1 Hard DC available).

Toriq directs Nemo, bright light sizzling in the young rogue's hand, faithfully translating the freckled Halfling's directions into the tight tunnel system. The space is miserable: cramped and exactly as wet and cold as prefigured. That's when Nemo comes to a complete halt. The muddy passage that soaks your shins and hands with frigid water several inches deep terminates in a tunnel that plunges downward, filled with water.

This must be the "river access pipe" that Hildy described. No doubt the water will dim the sunrod in Nemo's hands, and you will all need to hold deep breaths and swim, squirm, and otherwise navigate your way through the pipe for as far as it goes until it re-emerges into an area with air beneath the prison.

How do you make your way through this water-filled pipe? You'll need to make a Group check here (at the Easy DC 10, as it's stepped down from Medium), though you can use one of your secondary skills as a bonus to one roll if the fiction warrants one PC aiding another in some fashion.
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TORIQ looks over Nemo's shoulder and sighs. "Okay, this part is going to be a bit tricky. Kícheh*, I'm going to hold you as we slide down, all right?" Over her shoulder she instructs Jendi and Mylistra to do the same: travel downward together. She explains that this will lessen the chances of them crashing into each other, especially as she should be able to protect Nemo from their larger bodies.

The warden gives her brother an admonishing frown as he seems a bit too eager for this leg of their trek into the bowels of the gaol. "Fíyat**, this drop will be dangerous, and we're on serious business: do not monkey about," Jendi's big sister says in a steely tone. Her frown deepens at his nonchalant shrug, wishing she were able to change their configuration. But the passage they are presently in is too narrow to switch places, the pipe even more so.

With another, long-suffering sigh, Toriq contorts her large body so that she can sit at the edge of the drop. This allows the halfling to easily climb onto her shoulders. Reminding him to hold on tight, she then twists around to instruct the others to quickly follow their jump downward. Otherwise, the rope linking them all will pull them in anyway, without their being in control of their descent. "Ready?"

Initially, their feet-first dive goes well: her weight is ushering them steadily downward, and she can feel the weight of the other pair as expected. Then the pull suddenly lessens as if the rope has slackened - a dangerous sign. She can feel Nemo dig into her shoulders with his knees and feet, releasing the tight grip of her shoulders. But before she can say anything (and risk swallowing some of this nasty water in attempting to do so), she can feel the weight of the others again.

Reaching the nadir of their downward journey, the halforc reaches up to help Nemo down to floor level. Seeing the torn rope he is clutching in his hands - rope that he obviously grabbed for when releasing his grip on her shoulders - she gently pries his fingers loose, smiling gratefully. Turning to look for the others, she sees a far more serious little brother helping their friend to her feet.

Once on her feet, Mylistra sways for a moment. Then, doubling over, she immediately expels water onto the floor of the small room where they find themselves - water which she swallowed during their trip through the pipe. Wiping one hand across her mouth, she holds up her other to have the rope removed. "A good precaution, perhaps, but it caught on something. Thank Sehanine for our little friend's quick action and vice-like grip!"

Our heroes make a Group Skill Endurance check vs 10 Easy DC to make it through the partially submerged pipe. Nemo initially makes a Secondary Skill Athletics check to hold onto both Toriq and the torn rope: r10+8=18 vs 10 Easy DC for a +2 SS bonus to his Endurance check:

  • Jendi: r12+3=16 vs 10 Easy DC/Success
  • Mylistra: r6+2=8 vs 10 Easy DC/Fail
  • Nemo: r10+2+2 SS=18 vs 10 Easy DC/Success
  • Toriq: r20+8=28 vs 10 Easy DC/Success
3 out of 4 Successes = 1 Success in SC

* "little one" in Giantish.
** "little brother" in Giantish.
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Skill Challenge, Prisonbreak, L4 C2 (2 Successes/0 Failures; 1 Secondary Skill available; 1 Hard DC available).

Okay, as we discussed elsewhere, I'm offering you the possibility of a combat encounter for success vs the 1 Hard DC of the Skill Challenge. Below is the set up for that encounter; however, should you, having seen that set up, prefer to avoid the combat, you can still change your mind. You will need to succeed at a Group Check vs Moderate DC (stepped down from Hard for the group check) to do so, most likely using Bluff or Stealth (though I leave the possibilities open to your imagination). If you fail the Group Check, all bets are off: combat it is!

Having caught your breath after the harrowing journey through the water-filled tube, you see that you have emerged into a nexus of passages, larger than you first thought, though still cramped. You are on a raised platform, the ceiling pressing down so as to make all but Nemo stoop to be accommodated in the space. Many thick iron pipes run floor to ceiling through the nexus, obstructing easy movement, and channels of foul-smelling liquid race to spill into a cistern at the far end.

This can't be the prison! Hildy said you would emerge from the water into the prison dungeon. The narrow channels of the sublevel are way too shallow to be what she was talking about. Must you plunge down into that far cistern to continue your journey?
[Yes, you must! But that will be handled either through your defeat of the blue slime through combat or, should you opt out, via your successful Group Check (essentially rolling that action into your skill check or eliding it via combat).]

That's when you notice a disturbance in the water of the cistern. The surface ripples momentarily, and then an enormous, amorphous blue blob of living matter rises, the ooze of its body bulging and reaching outward with fluid appendages. Clearly, it has sensed your presence!

It suddenly dawns on you why no one has attempted a prison break through the subgaol before!

Lair of the Slime (EL4, L+2, XP 625)

Place your PCs in any raised platform squares on the map (but see Bioluminescent Muck below). Roll initiative and make a Monster Knowledge Nature check (DCs 13/20), if you like.

Dimensions The ceiling of this network of passages is quite low, just one square high at the raised platform areas (though medium or smaller creatures suffer no penalties as a result of this). However, the sunken areas below the platforms are two squares below base level.

Illumination Darkness. Any light source must be provided by the PCs. (Nemo has a sunrod last we checked.)

Circular tubes Any squares containing one of these tubes (eg, G8, D4, D6 but not C5 or E5) are tight passages for Medium and larger creatures, and any such creature moving within these squares must use the squeeze action (when a Medium or smaller creature squeezes, the DM decides how narrow a space it can occupy. Half Speed: The creature moves up to half its speed; Grant Combat Advantage: The creature grants combat advantage until the squeeze ends; -5 Penalty to Attack Rolls: The creature takes a -5 penalty to attack rolls until the squeeze ends). Tubes are also blocking terrain.

The stairs at C/7-8, G-H/6, and E-F/3 are slippery, both difficult and hindering terrain. Any character moving on one of these staircases must succeed at a DC 10 Acrobatics check or fall prone in that square, ending their movement.

Sunken areas These squares are two squares below the raised platforms. A DC 25 Athletics check (rough surface, slippery) to climb is necessary to move from a raised square to a sunken one or vice versa (unless the creature succeeds at the Hop Down (DC 15 Acrobatics) maneuver, in which case the movement is made normally as part of movement).

Channels These open gutters carry swift-moving but murky water and effluvia. They are difficult and hindering terrain. Any creature ending its turn in a square containing a channel must succeed at a DC 13 Athletics check or be pulled 2 squares towards the cistern.

Cistern This collecting pool is two squares below the sunken level and 2 squares deep. Any creature without a swim speed must spend one move action per turn while in the water to swim (move) or tread water, DC 10 Athletics. See “swim,” “athletics,” and “endurance” for further information.

Bioluminescent Muck Faintly glowing viscous and gooey muck has accreted in squares G/7-8 and I/9-10. They are hindering terrain. Any creature starting or ending its turn in these squares takes 5 poison damage and is exposed to Filth Fever. Success at the Hard DC Monster Knowledge or an Insight check reveals that the Blue Slime will not willingly enter squares containing the Gooey Muck.

Filth Fever Level 3 Disease
Those infected by this disease waste away as they alternately suffer chills and hot flashes.
Stage 0: The target recovers from the disease.
Stage 1: While affected by stage 1, the target loses a healing surge.
Stage 2: While affected by stage 2, the target loses a healing surge. The target also takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Stage 3: While affected by stage 3, the target loses all healing surges and cannot regain hit points. The target also takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Check: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 1 or 2.
8 or lower: The stage of the disease increases by one.
9-12: No Change
13 or higher: The stage of the disease decreases by one.

Creature Blue Slime; Level 2 Solo Brute (Controller); large natural beast (ooze); HP 184, AC 14, F 14, R 15, W 13
Keywords: acid, psychic; Powers & Traits: Ooze, Slam, Slime Eruption, Slime Pulse, Flowing Form, Fearful Shimmer, Slime Undulate, Slime Splatter, Bloodied Eruption; Temperament: Unaligned; Description: The amorphous form of this creature seems to engulf everything around it. The blue ooze of the creature's body bulges and reaches outward with fluid appendages.

Standard Actions
(⚔) SlamAt-Will
Attack: Melee 2; +7 vs AC
Hit: 1d8+6 damage, plus ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends).

Slime PulseEncounter
Attack: Close burst 5 (creatures in the burst); +5 vs Will
Hit: the target is dazed and weakened (save ends).
Miss: the target is dazed until the end of the blue slime’s next turn.

Slime EruptionRecharge ⚄ ⚅
Attack: Close burst 3 (creatures in the burst); +5 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d8 + 6 acid damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).
Miss: Half damage.

Move Actions
Flowing Form

Effect: The blue slime shifts up to 4 squares.

Minor Actions
Fearful Shimmer (fear) ✦ At-Will 1/round
Attack: Close burst 5 (one or two slowed creatures in the burst); +5 vs. Will
Hit: 1d6 + 5 psychic damage, and the target is immobilized and takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of its next turn.

Triggered Actions
Slime SplatterAt-Will
Trigger: An adjacent enemy hits the blue slime with a melee attack.
Attack (Immediate Reaction): Melee 1 (the triggering enemy); +5 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6 + 6 acid damage.

Bloodied EruptionEncounter
Trigger: The blue slime is first bloodied.
Effect (Free Action): Slime eruption recharges, and the blue slime uses it.


Nemo r19+6=25 (C8)
Toriq r19+2=21 (D9)
Blue Slime r18+0=18
Jendi r15+2=17 (G9)
Mylistra r5+4=9 (H8)

(Free Action) Toriq makes a Nature Monster Knowledge check, r9+10=19. Meets Moderate DC (origin, type, typical temperament, and keywords above).


Ever vigilant, NEMO is swift to react to the blue shimmer that hints of those creatures that his brothers used to tell stories about, especially Thierry who still bore scars from his own skirmish with one of these. So, don't get too close. Better said than done, the halfling thinks to himself as he counts his three daggers, bidding one farewell.

Before sending it off to its final resting place, he kisses the blade and murmurs an acclamation to the Raven Queen. A shimmering shadow seems to drop from the tiled walls onto the sickly glowing blue oozie thing below, and Nemo throws his dagger in its direction, trusting his senses to correct his aim despite the creature's hiding place.

As the dagger hits its mark and savagely digs into the thing, he imagines that he can hear a psychic shriek of pain. This emboldens the halfling to hop down and - leaping deftly over the river of slimy muck - shuffle quickly over to the far side of the tiled room, his footsteps echoing strangely down the numerous tunnels leading out and in.

Minor (Enc): places Raven Queen's Shroud onto Blue Slime

Standard: Sly Flourish (Ranged) vs. Blue Slime: r9+11 +2 CA -2 Partial Cover = 20 vs 14 AC/Hit; Damage: r4+8+ r4,7 SA = 23 Damage

Move: 6 Squares from C8 to H5: Hop Down to C7: Acrobatics: r2+13= 15 vs. 15 DC/Success; Jump: r7+8=15 = 1 square cleared (D6)

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 23 to Blue Slime
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Cunning Stalker
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 7/7 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

TORIQ can barely see what Nemo is seeing and knows her shot is a long shot - so many pipes in this cramped space. And yet she watches as the halfling makes everything seem easy: the throw, the hop down to the next level, his graceful, leaping passage across the large but crowded room. The halforc often feels like a giant within her delicate if tall family, but spaces like these - she shudders slightly as she withdraws a javelin. Like her tiny friend, she has no desire to get close to the thing unless - she swallows hard - until she has to do so. However, the warden recognizes that she cannot let this thing remain. It is far too close to the helpless prisoners, including Nemo's cousin. It will have to be dealt with. Taking careful aim through the mess of piping, Toriq throws the javelin. Watching it hit one of the pipes - chipping the stone - she thinks again, a little wryly, that it will have to be dealt with ... but not by that shot.
  • Move: 1 square from D9 to C8
  • Minor: retrieve javelin
  • Standard: RBA vs Blue Slime: r5+8-2 Cover = 11 vs 14 AC/Miss
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 10/10 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

THE BLUE SLIME burbles across the surface of the cistern's water, then rolls up the stairs and between the vertical tubes and wall; the cramped space seems to have little effect on its amorphous form!

It slams at Nemo with a sizzling pseudopod, the Halfling dodging out of the way of the attack at the last moment. Then the creature contracts and pulses outward, sending droplets of slime onto everyone, Jendi and Toriq having their strength sapped even as everyone desperately wastes vital time scraping the effluvium from their skin.

Slime is hungry!

Move: Swim 2 squares E3 to G3

Standard: Charge: 5 squares (2 DT, Acrobatics r16+0=16 vs DC 10 to ascend stairs) G3 to G6, ATK vs N, Slam M2, r10+7+1=18 vs 18 AC. Hit. TRIGGERS Second Chance: Encounter, Immediate Interrupt Personal, Trigger: You are hit by an attack., Effect: The attacker must reroll the attack and use the second roll, even if it is lower. r8+7+1=16 vs 18 AC. Miss.

AP: ᗕ Slime Pulse ✦ Encounter, ATK: CBu 5 (creatures in the burst); +5 vs Will, Hit: the target is dazed and weakened (save ends). Miss: the target is dazed until the end of the blue slime’s next turn. ATK vs T, r13+5-2 Cover=16 vs 15 Will. Hit. ATK vs J, r20 CRIT. ATK vs M, r1. AUTOMISS. ATK vs N, r10+5=15 vs 15 Will. Hit. J&N dazed & weakened (SE), M&T dazed (UEoSNT)

CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: J&T dazed & weakened (SE), M&N dazed UEoSNT
CURRENT HP: 161/184
AP: 1/2

Shaking with frustration and a sense of vigor being stolen, JENDI glares at the strange blue slime oozing along the floor of the chamber. He can just make out Nemo through its gelatinous body and hopes his young friend is holding his own, as he can usually be depended doing. The warlock pulls together what he can of his wits and strength, creating a ball of crackling energy within his wriggling fingers.

Then, seeing his moment, he quickly sends the ball flying at their weird foe, hitting squarely with the dissipating energy formed to resemble his Queen's dark and terrible energies. It may be weaker than usual, but it still has the added effect of making the creature easier to hit. Jendi smiles as he witnesses the shimmering shadow highlighting its outline and feels invigorated at having succeeded at this, at least.

Begins turn: Dazed & Weakened (SE).

Standard: Hand of Blight (ranged 10) vs. Blue Slime: r14+6=20 vs. 14 Fortitude/Hit; Damage: r1+5=6/half damage= 3 Psychic & Necrotic Damage to Blue Slime; and Blue Slime grants CA UEoJNT

Ends turn: Save vs. Dazed & Weakened: r12. Success

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 3 psychic & necrotic damage to Blue Slime
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: no longer Dazed & Weakened
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 8/8 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

MYLISTRA experienced one too many of these kinds of weird creatures in her former home to feel anything but disgust as she is showered with slime. She gathers herself together enough to reach for her pendant with one hand, pushing the palm of the other forward to mark the slime for her attack. It quivers with the force of it, and those vibrations mark it for easier prey for her companions to hit.

The witch doesn't feel much satisfaction, however. The pungent odor of the lingering globs of slime enters her still recovering lungs through the gasps of breath she takes, fighting off a sense of nausea.

Begins turn: Dazed UEoBSNT

Standard: Gaze of Defiance (ranged 5) vs. Blue Slime: r5+7+2 CA= 14 vs. 13 Will/Hit; Damage: r8+5=13; and allies gain +1 power bonus to attacks vs. target UEoMNT. If target attacks Mylistra BEoMNT, bonus increases to +3

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 13 to Blue Slime
CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: allies gain +1 (+3) power bonus to ATK UEoMNT
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 8/8 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)



Desperately shaking his head and clothes to rid them of effluvia, NEMO takes a brief recess to slice at the gelatinous creature, using one of the techniques that Thierry had demonstrated to illustrate his tale. Success! He'll have to take his big brother's stories more seriously, maybe even Milo's stories, too!

The blue slime - shimmering with what Nemo now recognizes as his friend's signature magicks of shadow that somehow adds light - seems to stumble, if that were possible, and leaks much of itself onto the chipped tile floor. Instinctively, Nemo shifts away from the larger of these puddles.

Begins turn: Dazed & Weakened (SE)

Standard: Acrobatic Strike (Melee) vs Blue Slime: r:16+11+2 CA +1 GoD = 30 vs 14 AC/Hit; Damage: r4+6+ r8,7 SA = 25/half damage = 12 to Blue Slime; effect: before or after attack, shift 1 square: from H5 to I6

No Action: Low Blow: Trigger: your melee attack hit creature granting CA to you (Blue Slime): creature dazed UEoNNt

Ends turn: Save vs dazed & weakened, r20. Saves.

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 12 to Blue Slime
CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: Dazed UEoNNT, Raven Queen's Shroud
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Cunning Stalker
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 7/7 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

The dousing with slime seems to have the opposite effect on TORIQ than on her brother and their friends. Although she momentarily is distracted by the flying effluvia, she focuses her gaze on their quarry and quickly rears into action. Well, perhaps carefully, initially hesitantly stepping into action would be more accurate, particularly where the very slippery stairs are concerned.

Once on the main floor of the tiled maze of pipes, she picks up speed, working her way across to the blue slime, quivering in place near Nemo. She uses the build-up of her momentum to slam into the slime, slicing a dessert sized portion of it onto the floor. The warden shakes herself out of her moment of whimsey, bringing her attention back to their skirmish, and the creature's attention (she hopes) to her.

Begins turn: Dazed & Weakened (SE)

No Action: Font of Life: trigger: you start your turn: effect: make a saving throw against one effect that save can end: r11. Save! Luck of Champions: 1st time you make a successful saving throw in an encounter: +2 bonus to all attack rolls, skill checks, & saving throws UEoTNT

No Action: Erupting Font CBU 5: trigger: you succeed on the saving throw granted by Font of Life class feature: each enemy in burst = marked UEoTNT

Minor: place Hunter's Quarry on Blue Slime UEoTNT

Move: go down the slippery stairs: Acrobatics check: r3+0+2 LoC =5/Fail; Fall Prone

Standard: Stand up from Prone

AP: Charge Attack: Move up to 8 squares (from C8 to E5): go down slippery stairs: Acrobatics check: r8+0+2 LoC =10 vs 10 DC/Success!; ATK vs. Blue Slime: r7+9+1 Charge +2 CA + 1 (either CoS or GoD) =20 vs 14 AC/Hit; Damage r5+5 + r1 HQ = 11

Free Action: Furious Assault: trigger: you hit with an attack: effect extra 1[W] damage: r3; TOTAL DAMAGE TO BLUE SLIME: 14

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 14 to Blue Slime
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 10/10 Surges; 0 AP available (1 remaining)

The blows of its enemies seem to temporarily daze THE BLUE SLIME. It wobbles feebly in place. Then it seems to shake off the stupor and erupts in a spray of acidic slime that covers the nearby and threatening Halforc. It follows this up with a pseudopod that extends to slam at Toriq with great force, but her natural agility, even bereft of shield as she currently is, allows her to avoid the blow of the creature.

Starts turn: dazed UEoNNT, marked by T, Raven Queen's shroud

Standard: ᗕ Slime Eruption ✦ Recharge ⚄ ⚅ Attack: Close burst 3 (creatures in the burst); +5 vs. Reflex Hit: 2d8 + 6 acid damage, and the target is slowed (save ends). Miss: Half damage. ATK vs T, r11+5=16 vs 12 Reflex. Hit. r4,5+6=15 acid damage & slowed (SE). ATK vs N, r5+5=10 vs 20 Reflex. Miss. ATK vs J, r6+5-2 Cover=9 vs 15 Reflex. Miss. ATK vs M, r1=AUTOMISS. Damage = r4,5+6=15 damage & slowed (SE) to T, 7 damage to N, J, and M.

AP: Slam M2 vs T, r9+7=16 vs 17 AC (no shield eqipped). Miss.

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 15 acid damage to T
CURRENT HP: 119/184
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: dazed UEoNNT, Marked by T, Raven Queen's Shroud, Slime Pulse exhausted, Slime Eruption on cooldown

Finally JENDI begins to feel himself centering into his cool calm fury of battle. With a sneer, he marks the slime with his Lady's curse, before moving to a more strategic spot on one of the bridges. From here he can both see more clearly to aim an attack and draw shadows to himself to defend against a counter attack.

As the warlock stares at the creature who just slammed his sister, the knuckles of his hand crack as the fingers create his signature black sphere of necrotic and psychic energies. Throwing it as easily as he once threw walnuts at squirrels, he watches the crackle of dark energies as it burns across the surface of the slime.

Seeing the stairs nearby, Jendi debates making a splendid entrance into melee but ultimately decides that his talents are best suited from this vantage point. So far he's been able to hold his own, as have the others, even his acid-splashed sister.

Minor: places Warlock's Curse on Blue Slime

Move: 3 squares from G9 to D9, gains Shadow Walk Concealment UEoJNT

Standard: Hand of Blight (Ranged 10) vs. Blue Slime: r9+6+2 CA +3 GoD = 20 vs 14 Fortitude/Hit; Damage: r2+5+ r1 WC + r5 Fell Might = 13 Damage to Blue Slime, and it grants CA UEoJNT

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 13 psychic & necrotic damage to Blue Slime
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Shadow Walk Concealment; Fell Might exhausted
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 8/8 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

As she witnesses Jendi move along the catwalk, MYLISTRA decides he has the right idea of it and follows swiftly behind. Satisfied in her new position behind one of the many pipes, the witch first sends some divine healing to her poor friend. Satisfied that Toriq is now better able to continue bringing the fight to this thing, both in health and vigor, she turns her own attention to attacking it as well.

Her glare is fiercer than before, for Sehanine does not take kindly to those who attack her favored ones. The mark burns into its surface which seems to quiver, as if it were about to erupt. Cautiously, Mylistra ducks her head behind the pipe, hoping to shield herself from a new explosion of acid.

Move: 4 squares from H8 to E9

Minor: Healing Word CB5 on Toriq: r3 + 9 (Toriq's Surge Value) = 12 hit points, and Toriq gains +2 bonus to ATKs UEoMNT

Standard: Gaze of Defiance (Ranged 5) vs Blue Slime: r7+7+2 CA = 16 vs. 13 Will/Hit; Damage: r4+5=9 psychic damage, and allies gain +1 power bonus on ATK vs Blue Slime UEoMNT, +3 if Blue Slime attacks Mylistra

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 9 psychic damage to Blue Slime
CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: allies gain +1/+3 Power Bonus to ATK
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 8/8 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)



After ducking the corrosive eruption of acid which hit Toriq in the face, NEMO rises up from his crouch and considers his choice of actions. He mistrusts the ominous quiver of the slime's body, fearing a second eruption is forthcoming, but what choice does he have? This thing must be killed, for Beppa and all the others unjustly imprisoned down here and poorly protected, if at all. Bravely he steps forward to attack again, prepared to jump away ... again.

The halfling easily slices into the gelatinous body once more, nearly losing his grip on his dagger as he feels a ghostly hand redirect the blade. He stumbles away, sensing the pending explosion, hoping to reach sufficient cover. Sadly, this time the acid finds him and - judging from the sharp cries of pain - at least two of his friends.

Move: 1 square from I6 to H5

Standard: Acrobatic Strike (Melee) vs. Blue Slime (still Dazed): r5+11+2 CA +1 GoD = 19 vs 14 AC/Hit; Damage: r2+6+r3,6 [Raven Queen's Shroud reroll: 3 --> 6] = 20 damage to Blue Slime, BLUE SLIME BLOODIED; shift 1 square to I5. TRIGGERS BLOODIED ERUPTION Encounter. Trigger: The blue slime is first bloodied. Effect (Free Action): Slime eruption recharges, and the blue slime uses it. ATK vs T, r1=AUTOMISS. ATK vs N, r19+5-2 Cover=22 vs 20 Reflex. Hit. ATK vs J, r18+5-2 Cover=21 vs 15 Reflex. Hit. ATK vs M, r15+5-2 Cover=18 vs 14 Reflex. Hit. Damage = r7,5+6=18 acid damage & Slowed (SE) to N, J, M; 9 acid damage to T.

Save vs. Slowed: r4/Fail.

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 20 damage to Blue Slime; 18 acid damage to N, J, M, 9 acid damage to T
CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: Daze on Slime ends, Raven Queen's Shroud; N, J, M slowed (SE)
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 7/7 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

Feeling Sehanine's healing power send cooling relief to some of the acid burns of the slime's earlier attack, TORIQ shakes her head to rid it of any lingering droplets. She also senses the stiffness that has entered her limbs from that same earlier attack, but she has no plans to go anywhere, especially after this second attack that somehow misses her, despite her proximity. Right here, protecting the others and the prisoners beyond from this deadly slime, is where she intends to remain until it is vanquished.

Taking a deep breath, she allows the painful burns to inform her instincts and feed the primal energies flowing through her body. Her feet may not be moving quickly, but her sword arm moves in a bloody frenzy, almost invisible in its speed. The slime is significantly melted by the time she is done, standing and awaiting its retort.

Begins turn: Slowed and having regained 12 hit points via Mylistra (25 total)

Font of Life: Save vs Slowed: r5 +2 LoC = 7/Fail

Standard (enc): Wildblood Frenzy (Melee) vs Blue Slime: r6+9+2 CA +3 GoD +2 BCL +2 LoC = 24 vs 14 AC/Hit; Damage: r2+8+ r5 HQ = 15 Damage; effect: 2nd attack vs. Blue Slime: r6+9+2 CA +3 GoD +2 BCL +2 LoC= 24 vs 14 AC/Hit; Damage: r3+8=11; TOTAL DAMAGE = 26 to Blue Slime

Free Action: Nature's Wrath: Blue Slime is Marked UEoTNT

Save vs. Slowed: r4+2 LoC= 6/Fail.

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 26 damage to Blue Slime
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 9/10 Surges; 0 APs available (of 1)

THE BLUE SLIME is aware of its closing enemies; they are not the easy food it imagined. And so it shimmers reflexively, releasing a spray of pheromones into the air that assaults Toriq and Nemo's nervous systems. Nevertheless, their wills are too strong, and they resist the impulse to back down in fear from the ooze.

Without other recourse, the burbling slime propels a pseudopod at Nemo, but again the Halfling is too quick and dodges the attack. Toriq, at the ready to defend her small ally, retaliates with a furious smash with the pommel of her sword into the gelatinous creature. Sensing this very real threat still at its flank, the blue slime gracefully slithers around the pipe and curved corner of the wall before Toriq can strike it again, trying to make good its escape.

Begins turn: Marked by T, Raven Queen's Shroud, Rolls to Recharge Slime Eruption, r1. Fails to Recharge.

Minor: ᗕ Fearful Shimmer (fear) ✦ At-Will 1/round. Attack: Close burst 5 (one or two slowed creatures in the burst); +5 vs. Will. Hit: 1d6 + 5 psychic damage, and the target is immobilized and takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of its next turn. ATK vs T, r2+5=7 vs 15 Will. Miss. ATK vs N, r3+5=8 vs 15 Will. Miss.

Standard: Slam M2 vs N, TRIGGERS Warden's Fury, T ATK vs BS, r12+9=21 vs 14 Fortitude. Hit. r1+5=6 damage & BS grants CA UEoTNT. ATK vs N, r11+7-2 Mark=16 vs 18 AC. Miss.

Move: Flowing Form. Effect: The blue slime shifts up to 4 squares. Shifts G6 to G9.

Ends turn: makes Athletics check to resist Channel's pull 2, r19+7=26 vs 13 DC. Succeeds.

DAMAGE: BS takes 6 damage
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Marked by T and grants CA UEoTNT, Raven Queen's Shroud, Slime Pulse exhausted, Slime Eruption on cooldown.

JENDI tracks the slime's movements and mirrors it with his own, ending above the creature and protectively behind a pipe. With one hand balancing on the pipe, he creates his ball of the Raven Queen's blight once again, landing it solidly.

He did think briefly about changing tactics to something more spectacular, but something Riqqi mentioned during their woodland adventure has stuck with him, teamwork. This will give the others better chances. There will be time for his (literal) fireworks another time, perhaps!

Begins turn: Slowed (SE)

Move: Ethereal Stride: : Jendi can teleport 3 squares (down 2 squares to D7), and Jendi gains a +2 power bonus to all defenses UEoJNT.

Standard: Hand of Blight (Ranged 10) vs. Blue Slime: r15+6+2 CA +3 GoD = 26 vs 14 Fortitude/Hit; Damage: r5+5+ r2=12 psychic & necrotic damage to Blue Slime, and it grants CA UEoJNT

Save vs. Slowed: 15/Success

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 12 psychic & necrotic damage to Blue Slime
CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: grants CA UEoJNT; Cursed by Jendi; GoD (+3) UEoMNT
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Ethereal Stride (+2 power bonus all defenses UEoJNT), Bloodied, no longer Slowed
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 8/8 Surges; 1 AP available (of 2)

MYLISTRA pants for a moment, trying to regain her breath, a difficult feat in this subterranean and murky place. Perhaps there is some panic of remembered trauma of terrifying moments in her childhood home lurking in her psyche, but principally the cause is her near drowning, combined with acid disastrously at them all by this creature of blue slime.

Saying a fervent if quick prayer to her Goddess, she feels marginally better. Looking out over the playing field, now along on the catwalk, she reflexively casts a cloud of darkness over herself, to protect against any further harm. Then the witch stares down at the slime, marking it for her friends.

Looking at those friends, she swallows hard, knowing the cost she will pay. With the last of her breath, she sends some of the healing Sehanine gifted to her moments before into the more grievously wounded of her companions. Looking at valiant Toriq, Mylistra sends a silent apology to her for not having the strength to include the Halforc in the protective cloud of the Moon Maiden's healing. Then she tries - again - to catch her breath from within her protective cloud.

Begins turn Slowed (SE) & at 4 HP

Minor (Enc/2 of 2 used): utters Healing Word on self: r6+7=13 (HP now 17), and +2 ATKs UEoMNT

Minor (Enc): Cloud of Darkness CBU1: lasts UEoMNT

Standard: Gaze of Defiance (Ranged 5) vs. Blue Slime: r18+7+2 CA +2 BCL = 29 vs Will 13/Hit; Damage: r3+5+1 Bloodied = 9 to Blue Slime

AP: (Enc/Channel Divinity): Healer's Mercy CBU5: each bloodied ally (Nemo & Jendi): spend Healing Surge, and gain +2 bonus ATK UEoMNT; Mylistra = Weakened UEoMNT

Save vs Slowed (SE): r10/Success

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 9 to Blue Slime
CURRENT HP: 17/29; Jendi 13/31, Nemo 11/29
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: No longer Bloodied or Slowed; Weakened UEoMNT; BCL & Cloud of Darkness on self UEoMNT; Healer's Mercy on N&J (+2 ATK) UEoMNT
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 7/8 Surges; 0 AP available (of 1)

Thoughts firmly on how to defend Beppa and those imprisoned with her, NEMO feels a surge of energy fill his body. A grateful glance up toward where Mylistra should be discloses a disturbing dark cloud. Quickly the halfling puts his worry into a mental pouch and seals it for the moment - there is much he needs to do first - and his focus returns to the center of this chamber.

Pushing his limbs through the mire of stickiness slowing his steps, Nemo stops at the nearby steps and peers around the corner. He should just be able to hit it. And didn't that thing not explode the last time he threw something from afar? Well, now would be a good time to test his theory... maybe even twice. He lets the last two of his daggers fly in its general direction and awaits the outcome.

Move (Slowed): 2 squares from I5 to G6

Standard: Sly Flourish (Ranged 5): r12+11+2 CA + 1 GoD +2 HM = 28 vs. 14 AC (26 vs. 14 if partial concealment applies); Damage: r2+8+ r1,4 SA = 15 --> RQS: reroll 1 = 4: 18 Damage to Blue Slime

Minor: take out 3rd & final dagger!!

AP: Sly Flourish (Ranged 5): r7+11+2 CA +1 GoD +2 HM = 23 vs. 14 AC (21 if concealment...); Damage: r2+8+ r4,7 SA = 21 Damage to Blue Slime; TOTAL DAMAGE: 39 to Blue Slime, KILLED

Save vs Slowed: 15/Success

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 39 damage to Blue Slime: KILLED!!
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Bloodied; No longer Slowed; HW (+2 ATK) UEoMNT
CURRENT SURGES/ACTION POINTS: 6/7 Surges; 0 AP available (1 remaining)
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