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Chinese Government Burns Cthulhu RPG Print Run

The Sassoon Files is a Call of Cthulhu sourcebook Kickstarted by Sons of the Singularity... and printed in China. This week, they reported that the Chinese government had ordered the destruction of their entire print run.


The Sassoon Files
is a Cthulhu mythos campaign set in 1920s Shanghai.

They wrote to their backers on March 22nd -- "We have suffered an unfortunate and unexpected setback with the off-set print run. On March 20th, the Chinese government ordered the destruction of our books. Although the printer returned our deposit, we need to find another printer and this will result in a delay in fulfillment. We are committed to completing the print run and fulfillment."

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Take note out there you socialism/communism lovers. This is what happens when you give your freedom away or lose it and let the government have control.


And socialism isn't same thing as communism :p And even then, socialism is wide range of different political beliefs, so assuming its synonym for communism is really insulting. Don't people in Internet know that democratic socialism is strongly opposed to stalinism and such?


Looks like agents of Delta Green did something to contain books detailing hypergeometry from contaminating the United States.

But what a devastating blow to both backers and creators. But it's a good example of how China can influence the media we consume here in the U.S.


Socialism/Communism... it is not too long ago when there were religious group advocating the same for similar books. They just did not have the power to enforce it. Some of them are still around.

I am not surprised at all. Worse for them, because when they want to control all, then they put to flight the businessmen. Do you know videogames in China can't show dead corpses? There is a special censure in Warcraft about that. And putting limit of time for videogames.

Here we talk to about RPGs. Sometimes we can talk about History because some games are set in our past, and other times we can talk about modern society because cyberpunk RPGs is a genre what tries to warns us about a dark future if we don't fix our mistakes in the present.

If something we have learnt by the speculative fiction is the difference between a true leader and a toxic boss. Characters from "Game of Thrones" can show some examples of different types of good and bad leaders. The toxic boss or tyrant has got the power, but not true loyalty. The oppressors shouldn't hope best minds sacrifice themself as fresh meat for the cause, and they shouldn't be surprised when they are betrayed in favor of a rival for vengeance for the mistreatment suffered.

* Cyberpunk books warn us about a future where people is poor and oppressed by an oligarchy. This is just happening in Russia and China.

* Capitalism and oligarchy are two different things. The free market is the opposite of the oligopoly. You learn this reading Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek or Ayn Rand, not watching Robocop movies.


Mod Squad
Staff member
The uproar is understandable, but aren't we forgetting the most important point here: Cthulhu does not like this.

How do *you* know? I submit that it didn't *tell* you so, because you are still capable of putting together a cogent sentence, which we wouldn't expect if you'd had direct communication with such an elder being.

Cthulhu is not a god out there looking for human respect and worship, like some puny narcissistic human god looking for validation from mere mortals. Cthulhu sleeps, and then wakes, and uses the planet as a large buffet table. What we do in the meantime is irrelevant.

I'm confused... I thought censorship of ideas we don't agree with was good on this site ?

Does the Chinese government not have a right to protect its culture and its people from cultural appropriation by bald white men ?

Man, this marxist fairness doctrine is hard on my brain :p !


Dying in Chargen
The takeaway I'm getting is that they printed something about China that the Chinese found insulting? History is a hell of a thing, and national narratives differ, though the PRC is fairly sensitive about what westerners have to say about them. Most Asians I know have the feeling that they are looked down upon, and they are not wrong a lot of times.

The main difference in this situation I find most odd, is that a US printer would have refused to print this, and not had it destroyed post print run.


41st lv DM
And the lesson here is:
If your going to print something concerning China, don't have it printed in China.


Mod Squad
Staff member
I'm confused... I thought censorship of ideas we don't agree with was good on this site ?

Your snark is not constructive.

Does the Chinese government not have a right to protect its culture and its people from cultural appropriation by bald white men ?

Man, this marxist fairness doctrine is hard on my brain :p !

I think you'll find that typically, folks here don't support government censorship - folks here prefer a *free market* model, where the consumers, rather than the government, communicate to producers what is, and is not acceptable.

And there's not a whole lot "Marxist" about a doctrine of, "Be respectful of people, and don't hurt or be a jerk to them when you don't have to." I don't see how this is a particularly political position.

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