Class Roles, Power Sources and what has yet to be done...


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Well, I'm sure there's been some discussion of the various class roles and power sources thus far, but I am creating this thread with the mind of classes we have yet to see in 4e and what class roles they might fill (and power sources they might use!)

[sblock=4e Classes and power sources/class roles]
Cleric - divine leader
Fighter - martial defender
Paladin - divine defender
Ranger - martial striker
Rogue - martial striker
Warlock - arcane striker
Warlord - martial leader
Wizard - arcane controller

Here's a list of all 3e classes, with the ones which were already updated to 4e omitted:

Archivist (HoH)
Ardent (ComPsi)
Artificer (ECS)
Barbarian (PHB)
Bard (PHB)
Bardic Sage (UA)
Battle Sorcerer (UA)
Beguiler (PHBII)
Binder (ToM)
Cloistered Cleric (UA)
Crusader (ToB)
Divine Bard (UA)
Divine Mind (ComPsi)
Dragon Shaman (PHBII)
Dragonfire Adept (DraMag)
Dread Necromancer (HoH)
Druid (PHB)
Druidic Avenger (UA)
Duskblade (PHBII)
Erudite (ComPsi)
Factotum (DunScp)
Favored Soul (ComDiv)
Healer (MHB)
Hexblade (ComWar)
Incarnate (MoI)
Lurk (ComPsi)
Monk (PHB)
Mystic (DLCS)
Ninja (ComAdven)
Noble (DLCS)
Psion (XPH)
Psychic Warrior (XPH)
Samurai (ComWar)
Savage Bard (UA)
Shaman (OA)
Shadowcaster (ToM)
Shugenja (ComDiv)
Sohei (OA)
Sorcerer (PHB)
Soulborn (MoI)
Soulknife (XPH)
Swordsage (ToB)
Spellthief (ComAdven)
Spirit Shaman (ComDiv)
Swashbuckler (ComWar)
Totem Barbarian (UA)
Totemist (MoI)
Truenamer (ToM)
Warblade (ToB)
Warmage (ComArc)
Wilder (XPH)
Wu Jen (ComArc)

I would add more, but I have to go here... I'd love to hear some feedback on other classes.

BTW - Primal, Shadow, Psionic and Ki have been mentioned as Power Sources in addtion to Martial, Divine and Arcane, so those are the choices thus far for power sources!


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My best guesses...

(confirmed by WotC in bold)

Archivist (HoH) - divine leader
Ardent (ComPsi) - psionic leader
Artificer (ECS) - arcane leader
Barbarian (PHB) - primal defender or striker (strongly hinted at in conversion article)
Bard (PHB) - arcane leader
Bardic Sage (UA) - arcane leader (see bard)
Battle Sorcerer (UA) - arcane controller (see wizard)
Beguiler (PHBII) - shadow striker or controller
Binder (ToM) - shadow controller
Cloistered Cleric (UA) - divine leader
Crusader (ToB) - divine defender (see paladin)
Divine Bard (UA) - divine leader
Divine Mind (ComPsi) - psionic defender (see psychic warrior)
Dragon Shaman (PHBII) - elemental leader
Dragonfire Adept (DraMag) - elemental striker
Dread Necromancer (HoH) - shadow leader
Druid (PHB) - primal hybrid (striker/leader ??)
Druidic Avenger (UA) - primal hybrid; see druid
Duskblade (PHBII) - arcane striker
Erudite (ComPsi) - psionic controller
Factotum (DunScp) - not approriate for 4e
Favored Soul (ComDiv) - divine leader (see cleric) or defender (see paladin)
Healer (MHB) - martial leader
Hexblade (ComWar) - shadow defender
Incarnate (MoI) - ???
Lurk (ComPsi) - psionic striker
Monk (PHB) - ki striker (strongly hinted at in conversion article)
Mystic (DLCS) - divine leader (see cleric)
Ninja (ComAdven) - ki striker (strongly hinted at in conversion article)
Noble (DLCS) - martial leader (see warlord)
Psion (XPH) - psionic controller
Psychic Warrior (XPH) - psionic defender
Samurai (ComWar) - ki defender
Savage Bard (UA) - arcane leader (see bard)
Shaman (OA) - ???
Shadowcaster (ToM) - shadow controller
Shugenja (ComDiv) - elemental controller
Sohei (OA) - ???
Sorcerer (PHB) - arcane controller
Soulborn (MoI) - ???
Soulknife (XPH) - psionic striker
Swordsage (ToB) - ki striker
Spellthief (ComAdven) - arcane striker
Spirit Shaman (ComDiv) - primal controller
Swashbuckler (ComWar) - martial defender (or as martial striker, already covered by ranger and rogue)
Totem Barbarian (UA) - primal defender (see barbarian)
Totemist (MoI) - ???
Truenamer (ToM) - ??? controller
Warblade (ToB) - martial defender/leader (see fighter and warlord)
Warmage (ComArc) - arcane controller (see wizard)
Wilder (XPH) - psionic controller
Wu Jen (ComArc) - arcane controller (see wizard)

note: a quick flip-through of the MM at a local bookstore suggests strong elemetnal ties for dragons, so I've made the Dragon classes use the elemental power source
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My guesses
power sources in []s are my suggestion of new power sources

Archivist (HoH) - ???
Ardent (ComPsi) - ???
Artificer (ECS) - [Alchemy] Striker
Barbarian (PHB) - Primal Defender (with some striker characteristics)
Bard (PHB) - Arcane Leader
Bardic Sage (UA) - absorb into the Bard concept
Battle Sorcerer (UA) - absorb into the Wizard and the Sorcerer concepts
Beguiler (PHBII) - ???
Binder (ToM) - Don´t think will be good class in 4e
Cloistered Cleric (UA) - absorb into the cleric concept
Crusader (ToB) - absorb into the paladin concept
Divine Bard (UA) - absorb into the bard and cleric concepts
Divine Mind (ComPsi) - ???
Dragon Shaman (PHBII) - absorb into the shaman concept
Dragonfire Adept (DraMag) - ???
Dread Necromancer (HoH) - Shadow Controller
Druid (PHB) - Primal controller/Defender (maybe hybrid?)
Druidic Avenger (UA) - absorb into the druid concept
Duskblade (PHBII) - Shadow Defender
Erudite (ComPsi) - ???
Factotum (DunScp) - ???
Favored Soul (ComDiv) - Divine Controller
Healer (MHB) - absorb into other divine classes concept
Hexblade (ComWar) - Shadow Defender
Incarnate (MoI) - ???
Lurk (ComPsi) - ???
Monk (PHB) - Ki Striker
Mystic (DLCS) - ???
Ninja (ComAdven) - Ki Striker
Noble (DLCS) - [Social] Leader
Psion (XPH) - Psionic Controller
Psychic Warrior (XPH) - Psionic Defender
Samurai (ComWar) - Ki Defender
Savage Bard (UA) - absorb into the bard and the druid concepts
Shaman (OA) - Primal Leader
Shadowcaster (ToM) - Shadow Controller
Shugenja (ComDiv) - Ki Controller
Sohei (OA) - Ki Defender
Sorcerer (PHB) - Arcane Controller
Soulborn (MoI) - ???
Soulknife (XPH) - Psionic Striker
Swordsage (ToB) - possibly absorbed into the swordmage concept
Spellthief (ComAdven) - ???
Spirit Shaman (ComDiv) - absorbed into the shaman concept
Swashbuckler (ComWar) - Martial Defender/ Striker (maybe a hibrid?)
Totem Barbarian (UA) - Absorb into the barbarian concept
Totemist (MoI) - Absorb into the shaman concept
Truenamer (ToM) - don´t think will be a good 4e class
Warblade (ToB) - Absorb into the fighter concept
Warmage (ComArc) - Absorb into the wizard concept
Wilder (XPH) - don´t think will be a good 4e class
Wu Jen (ComArc) - Ki/Controller or Wizard with different fluff

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