Close Reaching Spell Feat - Balanced?

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A player in one of my games has asked me if she could take a feat that would transform a spell from Effect: Creature touched to Effect: Ray. I was thinking about making the metamagic feat modify the spells level by +2. Do you think that is acceptable or should it be higher?
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The feat exists, it´s printed in one of the Complete books. Let me see...

Yep, Complete Divine. +2 to spell level, turns touch spell into Ray, with a range of 30 feet.

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon
Huh. Don't know how I overlooked that. Just curious, if I took Recah Spell and used it as a prereq, would be unfeasible to add an additional 30 feet to the range for an additional +1 spell level? Thus:

Close Reaching Spell [Metamagic]
You can cast touch spells from close range.
Prerequisite: Reach Spell
Benefit: You may cast a spell that normally has a range of touch at a close distance (25 ft + 5 ft./2 levels). A Close Reaching Spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spells actual level.
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I would instead modify the featl to change the ray to the range of Short, which makes a bit more sense to me.

the Jester

Looks fine, but imho it's not worth a +3 mod, but it is obviously worth slightly more than Reach Spell. I'd either just keep Reach Spell or ignore it and give CRS a +2 mod.

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