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Zelda Themelin

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It was much easier to check threads, when those I had visited earlier were showed in grey color.

Is that particular function going to return?
Or is it part of some profile-thing I am missing nowdays?

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when you've read the latest messages in a thread, the envelope icon changes from an open yellow envelope to a closed blue one. When you've posted to that thread, the envelope icon has a black dot on it, whether there are new posts(yellow open envelope) or not(blue closed envelope).

Zelda Themelin

First Post
Thanks, that helps some.

However, it still makes it hard to quickly check which message I read a while back, since they keep moving around.

I wish that grey color would become at least personlal option or something, but if not, I guess I must get used to this.


Well, that was fun
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I don't think I have any control ovr it. Then again, I'm still learning how these boards work, and the admin control panel has so many options on it that I may well have just not stumbled across it yet. :)

Zelda Themelin

First Post
Thanks you for answer. :)

I really wonder if it not an option, since it is very basic choice with html.

I wait and see.

Have good time in learning the tricks of these new boards. :)

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