D&D 5E Common house rules for 5e.


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I have a bunch, but the main one that players seem to ask for is "bonus action to drink a potion."
I do the closest equivalent (swift action) in PF1.

This prevents the silly "whack-a-mole" chumbawamba.

  • 5 minutes short rests, max per hour, 2 per long rest
Is that "max 1 per hour"?

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(he, him)
Yes, I meant one SR per hour maximum.
Interesting idea. As much as I prefer short rests that are actually short, I have never liked it when the system incentivises doing multiple short rests back to back. Limiting them to one per hour would certainly prevent that, although I would worry that it would prevent "legitimate" short rests (ie, one that are after actual encounters that are less than an hour appart) too.


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Pooled Inspiration: When someone gains inspiration, it doesn't go to them, personally. It goes into a party pool. Anyone in the pool may draw from it with party approval, max one point drawn per round. Max pool size = 1x # characters n the party.

The pool is kept visible on the table, as a reminder to folks that they can use it.


I have a few houserules (some nicked from 3rd party sources).

These all come from Fateforge's system, but some have been modified:
  • Wounds (modified to allow a Con save to avoid because they are exceedingly deadly).
  • Critical Hits/Misses on Magic spells
  • Critical Hits/Misses on Saving Throws
  • Geomagic (absolutely love this, but slightly modified them for more variety)
These are my own houserules:
  • Electronic devices are allowed at the table, but sound has to be muted and you have to be prepared for your turn when it comes up. I have a couple of ADHD players that need the distraction when it's not their turn so I've gotten lenient as long as it's not disruptive to the game/other players.
  • No tracking of player ammo except on a Natural 1. If a player is using ranged weapon that requires ammo (so a bow or crossbow, but not a javelin) I'm assuming they're using post battle actions/off time to top off their ammo. If the player rolls a nat 1 while using the ranged weapon though I have them roll a Wis save (dc 12) and if they fail it they're out of ammo until they get a chance to replenish. For the most part it makes it easier for me and the players and has still caused a couple of "out of ammo" scenarios.
  • I do allow Critical Hits/Misses on skills, but no auto-successes/failures. I generally paint a Critical miss as either an extraordinary failure or flawed success and a critical hit as an amazing success or a marginal/dramatic failure (if it still fails). As an example of this, a few weeks ago my players ran into a chasm they had to leap across. Most of the players made the check, but hilariously the barbarian rolled a nat 1 on his athletics check. The rogue also rolled a nat 20. The barbarian roll was still high enough to "succeed" so I ruled that he succeeded on the jump, but miscalculated the distance and overshot the party which landed him in the next cavern which also started an encounter. For the rogue I ruled that she made the jump with extra flair and gained an inspiration from it.
  • Healing from being unconscious may not instantly revive the target. If a creature/character is knocked out due to damage in combat and has healing applied to them they have to make a con save to regain consciousness. If they fail they remain unconscious until someone else wakes them up, they take damage, or they awaken natural (determined randomly).

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