D&D General Companion Thread to D&D Survivor: Planar Dragons

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Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
Looks like we have two more in the "10 or less" category, and then the rest are "20 plus". I did my part to try to solidify the divide.


Follower of the Way
I don't think I've seen such a near-even run so far into a "survivor" thread. With over 350 votes and 2/3 of the options eliminated, things are barely different from if we'd just started with these nine and had two distinctly unpopular options with sporadic other voting.

While it's possible one of the lower two could linger (I've seen weirder in these threads!), the more likely result is seven near-peers duking it out. I suspect at that point, participants will fall hard and fast. Things usually heat up when we get to the top 5 (or occasionally top 10, for big lists).


A suffusion of yellow
Sorry man but I like my Skyrim in Skyrim not D&D
Well, except that bit about The Elder Scrolls being a D&D setting

Iā€™m just happy Concordant dragons are gone, alignment is naff and dragons that cause alignment damage is even naffer

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