D&D 5E Conditions

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Yeah, I think 4E really got the conditions right.

Weakened is similar. Instead of a Str penalty with all the calculations that can trigger in 3.xE, you just deal half damage. Simple.

Which is the old argument - is 4E emulationist enough? By making the system less-fine grained, you make it simpler (in a good way), but you also go against the sensibilities of certain players (which is bad). I support this part of 4E, but I respect that not everyone does.

But that is not the reason I am against the "No Dex bonus to AC" penalty. My reason for that is that if think it is contradictory to a good emulation. A high-dexterity character should be good in a surprise situation, not worse off.

And in neither of the cases above is this simulationist in the Forge sense, even if it is related. This has about the same relation to Forge simulationism as gamey has to forge gamism... We really need a non-forge vocabulary for these things.

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Oh no, I am not getting into that argument. I was just pointing out something in the context of something else.

But any time I see simulationist or related words I go to my control panel, unsubscribe from the infected thread and never return. It's under quarantine. :)


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I guess the real question is: Is having advantage against an immobilized (for whatever reason) creature enough of a bonus that it sufficiently takes into account whether or not a creature should lose its Dex modifier. If yes, then great! I'm good with it.

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