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D&D 5E Connecting the Planes: What New Interstitial Setting Do You Want?

What interstitial campaign setting would you like to see published? (ONE CHOICE ONLY)

  • Planescape

    Votes: 32 37.6%
  • Spelljammer

    Votes: 24 28.2%
  • Manual of the Planes (Generic)

    Votes: 22 25.9%
  • None. I hate the outer planes. And inner planes more.

    Votes: 4 4.7%
  • D&D drove me to drink and I didn't even have the decency to thank Hasbro for it.

    Votes: 3 3.5%

  • Total voters
  • This poll will close: .

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I extensively use Planescape...but...I don't need much in the way of rules for it. Literally all that would be would be a few races and rules on faction boons (not that I don't want them, but they could be in a free PDF like some of the Magic settings).

Spelljammer, on the other hand, requires a whole set of rules for handling spelljamming and everything connected to it, in addition to a rather large collection of monsters just to make it work.

So the vote goes to publishing Spelljammer for 5e.

Spelljammer, on the other hand, requires a whole set of rules for handling spelljamming and everything connected to it, in addition to a rather large collection of monsters just to make it work.
With them possibly getting close to publishing some of the more non-standard settings such as Dark Sun, Planescape, Spelljammer that had their own set of mechanics, I hope they get away from the single book model and give them their proper due.


I'm confused. The thread title asks "What new setting would you want?", but the poll gives a choice of some old settings or "no, I don't wanna".

I like the concept of Astral Sea because I could reuse or recycle all elements about (under)sea fantasy, as krakens, mermaids, pirates, turtle dragons, tritons, sea elves, and also some elements of mash-up famous sci-fi franchises.


I would probably prefer something akin to the 3e and 4e model of Manual of the Planes. Something that provides a more generic overview and tool kit, while also providing some potential sample planes and models outside the scope of the Great Wheel. So it could highlight Eberron's Orrery, PoL's World Axis, FR's World Tree, etc.

The lack of a Planesjammer option is a bit silly. It would be the best way to go forward. Combine the best bits of both. Failing that just Planescape.

I remember now Tony Di’Terlizzi said he was working about a next project, but he didn't what. It sounds as...
He actually drew some new Planescape sketches for the first time in a very long time last year, so one remains hopeful.

One thing I will say is I don't think WotC would bother with PS unless they got DiTerlizzi.

Maybe you remember I said some time in the past my theory is after the videogame Baldurs Gate III the next title will be a Planescape sequel. And Sigil is a place so crazy what is perfect for a TV-comedy cartoon for all family with some pieces of humor for adults but no mature, enough kid-friendly (monster pets, and things like this).

About great wheel or the world tree cosmologies, we have to remember quantic physic teachs us Schöringer's is simultanealy alive and dead. All options are possible in the same time.

I am afraid lots of players will love the crunch for the future Spelljammer, but they will forget the metaplot because they are too busy with their own mash-up settings.... oh sorry, I have to quit now. If John Wick asks about me, I have said nothing about a Spelljammer/Fortnite crossover.

So the choices are 80s heavy metal gonzo, 90s neo-punk gonzo, and a neutral setting for your own gonzo?

I vote di’Terlizzi*, I don’t care what setting he does.

* I could settle for di’Terlizzi lookalike art like the mordons of the MM however, but pieces and art direction by him would sell me the setting if only as an item to cherish, my precious.


I said Manual of the Planes because I feel all of the planes need more attention in 5E, but the book I would get the most mileage out of would be a Spelljammer book, mostly because I could use stats and mechanics for the ships even though I use them differently.

My Prime World is 12 times the size of Earth. There are also other planets in the Prime Universe, although few are inhabited. One faster way of transit between two locations for cargo is to use permanent gates that connect to another plane, and then travel to another permanent gate on that other plane that connects where you want to go on the prime. The primary plane for this is the Astral. There is also a lot of mining on the Elemental Plane that is then brought back to the Prime in a similar way. I also have my version of Sigil within the Astral Sea, but the Planescape version served as an inspiration from one it a long time ago and I fully developed it without reading Planescape or playing the video game, so it is ... quite different.

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