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Converting "generic setting" second edition monsters

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Extradimensional Explorer
Noticed that the poison DC for these and the phantom spiders should be Cha-based, not Con-based.

Create spawn should probably only work with those killed by the poison, as follows:
Create Spawn (Su): Any creature slain by a wraith-spider's poison becomes a free-willed wraith-spider within 1d4 rounds. A creature who becomes a wraith-spider in this way retains none of the abilities it possessed in life.


Extradimensional Explorer
Do the wraith spiders need any more special abilities?

If not:
Skills: put the ranks in Spot, Listen, Move Silently, and Hide?
Feats: Ability Focus (energy drain), Ability Focus (poison)?


Monster Junkie
Good suggestions. Considering their insubstantial nature, shouldn't they get a bonus on Move Silently checks as well?

Their bodies are circled with glowihg red pinprick-eyes that look in all directions simultaneously.
All-around vision?

They speak no language of their own and do norrespond in any way to a speak with dead spell. They seem to communicate with each other on some instinctive level to coordmate attacks in pack formations, though this is non-verbal in nature. They understand orders given in the commoa tongue or drow, and can be commanded by those with the ability to command or control undead.
How's this?

Wraith-spiders do not speak, but understand Common and Undercommon. They possess a non-verbal language used to communicate with others of their kind.

Do we want to do anything with the speak with dead bit?

wraith-spiders are affected only by silver weapons or magical weapons.
Like the wrath-spiders themselves, the webs cannot be cut by normal weapons; they can be cut only by silver or magical edged weapons, or broken by a successful bend bars/lift gates roll.
DR 5/magic or silver for both spider and web?

However, since they do not always turn victims into more wraith-spiders (though there is speculation on what happens if anormal or giant spider is killed by them), they are sometimes encountered alone as attrition takes its toll.
Do we want to have a special create spawn if the victim is an arachnid? Perhaps their energy drain can bestow undeath upon spiders only?
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Extradimensional Explorer
I generally like those suggestions. Remind me: is all-around vision one of those can't be flanked things?


Monster Junkie
The gahonga are a race of short, tangible spirits that inhabit bodies of water and rocks. Though neutral in alignment, the men are generally foul-tempered and reluctant to help strangers. Their beautiful daughters, however, take great pleasure in tempting men to commit acts of folly -- such as trying to follow them as they scale a rocky cliff or dive into the depths of a lake. They seldom have any treasure.

AC 5 NO. 1-10 SZ 3' XP: 2,000
MV 12, 15 sw ML 12 AL cn INT Avg.
HD 6 MR 15% THAC0 15 #AT 1
Dmg 1d6 (weapon)

Special Att/Def: Gahongas can become invisible at will. Anyone hit by a gahonga in combat must save versus paralysis or be rendered motionless for 1d6 rounds. A gahonga can pass through rock at will while moving at its normal movement rate.

Originally appeared in Legends & Lore (1990).

MOVE: 9”
% IN LAIR: 15%
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good
SIZE: S (3’ tall)
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

The Ga-hon-ga, the guardians of the stream, live in rock caves near rivers, and though small in size are possessed of gigantic strength. They are able to pull up the largest of trees with a single twist of the hand, and throw massive rocks into the rivers (to lift the waters when floods threaten). These beings often visit men in their dreams, to lead them into their caves and challenge them to feats of strength such as playing ball with rocks, with the Ga-hon-ga frequently throwing the “balls” high out of sight. For this reason they are known as “Stone Throwers.”

The Ga-hon-ga also watch over the fish, instructing them, directing their movements, and providing shelter in their deep-water caves, if the fish are being chased by merciless fishermen or confused in the whirl of a flood. The Gahon-ga will free fish caught in traps when they deem it wise. They decide if a season is to be fruitful or barren, and frequently punish abuse or negligence of nature with famine.

When drought occurs, the Iroquois will travel far into the forests to search for signs of the Ga-hon-ga. These signs are little cup-shaped hollows in the mud at the edges of streams, and are the promise of rain. The hollows are carefully scooped up and dried on a fragment of bark in the sun, becoming the “dew cup charms” which are placed in longhouses to attract the Gan-da-yah. There is a 15% chance per day that the Gan-dayah will come looking around a household where the charm is used.

The Ga-hon-ga have strength equal to a stone giant, and can throw and catch rocks with the same degree of ability. If encountered in an area where goodsized rocks are not in easy supply, they will carry their own. They also are armed with daggers and sometimes spears (30%). For river travel, the Ga-hon-ga use magical canoes which will, at times of need, fly into the air with a single stroke of the paddle (acting as a Carpet of Flying). The Ga-hon-ga can control fish with the same power as a Trident of Fish Command, and they can Control Weather as a 12th-level druid. Females and young are found only in lairs.

Originally appeared in Dragon Magazine #61 (1982).


Extradimensional Explorer
Are these two really the same? They have some superficial similarities but also key differences -- like alignment and special abilities.


Monster Junkie
I could definitely see them as separate creatures. Shall we start with the simpler Gahonga?


Extradimensional Explorer
Seems to me like different tactics and/or flavor text. There's not much to indicate a real difference between the males and daughters.

6HD Small fey? Add a climb speed?


Monster Junkie
Agreed, and a swim speed as well.

Let's try to figure out ability scores. Average Int is 8-10. They seem strong for their size, probably not very charismatic, not especially dextrous.

Here are other Small fey...
Nixie (S): Str 7, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 18
Pixie (S): Str 7, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 16

How about Str 12, Dex 10, Con 11, Int 9, Wis 11, Cha 10?

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