Converting Greyhawk monsters


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Then we need to drop the SR, I think.

SRD said:
Supernatural: Supernatural abilities are magical and go away in an antimagic field but are not subject to spell resistance.

I don't like breaking the rules like this would. It's just confusing for the players and GM.

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Nightmare Projection (Su): A darksider can trap opponents in a waking nightmare, affecting X intelligent creatures within 60 ft. There is no saving throw, but nightmare projection does not affect creatures with immunity to fear or mind-affecting powers. Creatures trapped within the nightmare projection can act normally, but perceive their surrounding as whatever the darksider desires them to -- an ally may appear a terrible monster, or a charnel chasm may become a perfumed garden.

A darksider can create phantasmal monsters or spells to attack its nightmare victims, dealing 4d6 points of nonlethal damage (half with a DC X Will save). The darksider can attack its victims through a nightmare projection in any combination it desires. Note that a nightmare projection can also disguise the source of lethal damage -- for example, two victims may unknowingly attack each other because the nightmare projection made them see each other as monsters.

If the victim of a nightmare projection falls unconscious, the victim can escape the nightmare if they succeed on a DC X Will save. If this save succeeds, the victim becomes immune to the nightmare projection of that darksider for 24 hours and wakes with all nonlethal damage healed after 1d8 rounds. Should the victim fail the Will save, it suffers 1d3 points of Wisdom drain and believe it has been killed, falling unconscious for 1d8 rounds and then waking without any illusory damage. (The victim believes it has been resurrected by the darksider to continue its torments). The darksider gains 5 temporary hit points every time it drains a victim's Wisdom. A victim whose Wisdom reaches 0 due to a nightmare projection dies.

The save DCs are Charisma-based.


Ok, we just need to know how many creatures it can affect. What do you say to 5?

The original doesn't give a figure, but it should certainly be enough to cover any size of party it's likely to encounter.

One target per Hit Dice of darksider?

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