Converting monsters from Dragon magazine


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Stunning for an average of 10 rounds doesn't seem that inferior to me...

Except it's only usable 1/day, as opposed to 1d4/3d4 Con every 1d4+1 rounds!

Anyhow, I'd roughed in Challenge Rating 14, so I'm OK with it if you are.

That would make them SR 23, going by the CR+9 you wanted.

Hmm, a nice round SR 24 or 25 would be more aesthetically satisfying for me, any preferences or objections?

Let's go with 24.

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Except it's only usable 1/day, as opposed to 1d4/3d4 Con every 1d4+1 rounds!

Yes, but (a) in most circumstances the Iron Golem will only use its breath weapon once before getting scrapped by combat with the PCs, and (b) poison damage is easy to block/slow/heal for characters of that level.

Still, I'm happy with CR 14.

Let's go with 24.

Fine by me.

Updating the Working Draft.

Same weight as an Iron Golem?


Unless you want to factor in the weight of the psiforged blade, I think the IG's weight will work.

Well I wouldn't bother.

A large greatsword's only 16 lbs, which is negligible compared to the SRD Iron Golem's 5,000 lb weight.

Although come to think of it, they are a foot taller than a regular Iron Golem - 13 feet vs 12 feet. That might not increase their weight, since their an alien humanoid shape, or they could be a bit heavier. Somewhere about 6,000 lbs would be in the right ballpark.

I'll update the Working Draft with 5,000 lbs. We can always change it later.


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Can't you tell that I'm days behind in posting? ;) Seems like work and life have been a total whirlwind this past year.

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