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The great advantage of the synergy feats is that because of the prerequisites you know when a character can attain which feat.

The normal prereq. is level 3 in one class and level 3 in another (for some specifics there might be additional things but they usually come from within these levels), so the earliest you can get the first synergy feat is at level 7 when one of those classes reached 4, the second a 8 and the third at 12 (or even later when you leveled up "wrong"), so knowing this the feats can be more powerful than a "normal" feat that you didn't have to spend levels in two classes for.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
I don't think you are missing anything here. There are going to be moments during game play where you have both an Advantage (ex. you and a fellow party member are flanking an opponent) and a Disadvantage at the same time. Advantage and Disadvantage are pretty situational, and you're more likely to get one or the other rather than both.
That being said, allowing advantage and disadvantage to track separately would be a very easy house rule, one I use myself.

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