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Cookin again


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After cooking late last night, I had some of my shortribs late TONIGHT, with my mom and I splitting a rib, the meat spread on pieces of toasted Italian rustic bread. IOW, real fancy SOS. :lol:

Tell you want, though: this core recipe is good. The meat was literally fall-off-the-bone tender; the sauce, flavorful. Unanimous winner!

I didn’t follow it to a T, but it still kicked ass. I intended to add sliced portobellos, but forgot. Ultimately, I didn’t change any ingredients, but I didn’t exactly follow the ratios, either. I was a little short on wine, but added more beef stock; I used more celery and garlic but less onion and carrot; I used more tomato paste. I suspect there’s plenty of wiggle room in it, considering the ingredients & process.

Next time, I may purée the sauce a bit, and if serving this to guests, I’ll definitely plate it with a sprinkle of parsley and some fresh green onion for a little added bite.

Tomorrow, I should get a chance to actually roast or pan fry my baby Yukon golds to serve with the shortribs.


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Made salads for dinner again. My usual suspects were included: spinach, San Marzanos, carrots, celery, green onion, portobello slices, salami, chicken and ham.

My dressing was that vinaigrette I’ve been making with lemon-infused olive oil, Dijon mustard, tarragon (instead of red wine) vinegar, pepper and parsley.

What was different? Well, I got some nice broccoli sprouts and radish sprouts from a vendor at the Farmers’ Market*. The Brocs add a faint echo of the fully grown plant, and the Rads give a nice herbal bite.

In addition, instead of slicing or grating fresh cheese, I used some Parmesan crisps. Besides the unmistakable parm flavor, the crunch they add is very welcome, assisting the celery.

* he sometimes has other sprouts I want to try in a salad, like sunflower sprouts (kind of nutty) and the occasional onion sprouts (a long time favorite of mine)
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