Cookin again

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I have my daughters half the week so, now that it is summer, I like to greet them with some home-made ice cream. The trick has always been how to make it without ice crystals. I find that three things do the trick:

One, after making the custard, chill it in the fridge over-night. I think this is the most important part - not only do you want to make sure the custard is very cool throughout, but I think settling for 8+ hours does something to it chemically that reduces ice crystals.

Two, when churning it, the shorter the churn, the smoother the end product. Meaning, churning smaller batches so it thickens more quickly (preferably in 20 minutes or less). In the maker I have (which is standard size), I find that churning two pints or less at a time makes a really creamy product.

Three, I've started adding a bit of guar gum, which gives it a bit of that nice store-bought "chewy-creaminess." This isn't necessary if you're going to eat the entire batch the day you make it, but helps if you're going to freeze it overnight.


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Another seafood dinner:

The unusual item is the creole crab salad served on toasted, buttered Gilroy garlic bread, Very simple- crab meat, mayo, green onion, shredded Parmesan, tarragon flakes, and Tony Cachere’s creole seasoning.


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ok, Its been a while since I had the get up and go to cook, and I did.

boiled water and it didn't burn!!

uh, ok, I'll be serious.

Curried beef brisket and roast pork shoulder with vegetables:
I trimmed the brisket to be as lean as possible, boiled the pork shoulder with seasonings and a little sweet baby ray's bbq sauce then firmed it a bit in the oven. The beef was simply seasoned with pepper [fresh ground on course]

placed that in water, not all, just about half of what I had and cut to bite sized pieces, added currie sauce disolved in warm water, then added carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and celery. slow cooked all night. OOPS! the meat was so tender it has melded with the soupy content. I then added rice in the mix direct and cooked until rice was done.




Former refugees to open Arabic supermarket in Dunedin

In other news made a mistake. Screwed my order up and ordered wrong burger and a small amount of chicken.


Now I remember why I don't eat much fried chicken. And fried chicken burger.

Bigger screwups burnt dinner tonight.


Chicken was inedible both of us threw it out. Bread was overdone but slathered it in caramelized onion hummus which we're using as a dip, dressing, snack whatever.

Also used to many ingredients earlier in week and ran out of various things before shopping day. Wonder if that new supermarket is open yet? Vegetarian wrap with lots of cheese perhaps or make some bread.
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