D&D 5E Crystal Shard Encounters (Spoilers) (Duh)


I don't think there's been any discussion on this--did you guys know that all the encounters from the Legacy of the Crystal Shard adventure are in the playtest packet?

I'm glad it looks like it'll have more action than Baldur's Gate (it mentions random encounters that the players might have to run away from), but there's a similar problem: it stretches my suspension of disbelief.

In the novel, a 16th level warrior with a bunch of magical stuff (Drizzt) described living in Icewind Dale as a brutal struggle for survival. Remember the scene where he fights two yetis and he would have died if Bruenor hadn't happened along? How can this be a setting for a 1st level adventure?! Well, in this adventure, yetis are 3rd level monsters. Phew.

Major pet peeve: why does the ice witch only have spells that deal cold damage when pretty much everything that lives here (including the yetis that she's somehow controlling) is immune to cold damage? She couldn't take magic missile just in case; she has to have an ice-themed version of magic missile?
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Was Drizzt 16th level at that point?

The first set of stats for Drizzt (Hall of Heroes, 1989) had him as a 10th level ranger. In 2E.

AC 1, MV 15", HP 77, #AT 3, D +3 frostbrand scimitar and normal scimitar. SA: If Drizzt hits by 5 or more, his attack deals double damage, and has a 10% chance (+/-3% per level difference) of instantly killing the foe.


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