Curious Prefix Quirk


A couple of days ago I noticed something odd when editing the first post of an old "(No prefix)" thread I'd created to update an index.

When I saved the changes, I got the error message "Oops! We ran into some problems. A server error occurred. Please try again later."

After some experimentation (or fooling around) I discovered that if I added a prefix to the thread (i.e. if I edited the first post from "Curious Prefix Quirk" to "3.5 - Curious Prefix Quirk" by adding the 3.5 prefix) I could save the change. I also found if I used the "Edit Thread" option to remove that 3.5 prefix and return the thread to (No prefix) "Curious Prefix Quirk" without any server errors.

Changing and then reverting the first post's prefix every time a No prefix thread is edited is a bit cumbersome, obviously. Fortunately most of my threads don't have regularly-edited lists in the first post.

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