D&D 5E SRD Remastered; Now in .DOCX!


Greetings My Fellow Gamers ... Some of you are aware that I remastered the D&D 5E SRD into the Markdown format, paragraph-by-paragraph. I come to you today to announce I took that Markdown version and remastered it into Microsoft Word, again paragraph-by-paragraph!

In other words, I did not just export the existing PDF version of the SRD - which results in a real mess and much work to make it useable - I actually recreated a majority of the SRD from scratch, hence the term "remastered".

Also included are the official errata updates from Nov 2018!

In this .docx version, I've even applied some basic styles to give it a similar appearance to the original Wizards' look n' feel, this was mostly done in the "headings". I did not recreate the 5E stat-block styling because the purpose of this project is to keep the material as simple-to-import as possible for use in your own styled projects. Though I may create a 5E-styled Word version in the future if there are requests for it (hint-hint). Pass it on folks.

I first started this project by remastering the SRD into the Markdown format, from there I remastered the material into MS Word. However, during this transition, I noticed some formatting errors missed in the original Markdown remastering. So, I finished cleaning things up in the Word version, then completely remastered the Markdown version too while everything was still fresh in my head.

The results are a newly remastered Markdown and MS Word versions of the D&D 5E SRD free download and use as you see fit in your own 5E related projects!
PLEASE ... If you spot any issues in the material, report them through the github site listed above. As issues are spotted, I will update the documents right away.

THX all, and remember ... Keep Gaming!
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