D&D 5E D&D Beyond: No More À La Carte Purchases But US Customers Can Buy Physical Books

Plus UI changes and more product information in listings.

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 17.52.09.png

WotC has announced some changes to D&D Beyond's marketplace. These include physical products (for US customers), the removal of à la carte purchases, and various navigational changes.

You can no longer buy individual feats, subclasses, etc. -- you'll need to buy the whole book. The full list of changes includes:
  • US shoppers can now buy physical books
  • More info on product listings, including previews
  • UI improvements to makee finding your purchased content and redeeming keys easier
  • No more à la carte purchases (though your previous ones still count)

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There go most of my future purchases on Beyond. I'm not sure what the last thing I bought that wasn't an individual spell, race, or archetype.
so far I bought the whole thing, the one time I wanted to buy two adventures the whole book was only $3 more because the book was discounted while the pieces were not…

I feel like WotC wants me to move to Foundry, they certainly do not make DDB worthwhile this way

not sure that is a worthwhile update, intentionally making things worse is not really what I am looking for…

100% my thoughts, this is not making things better, its forcing customers to buy stuff they don't want to get the stuff they do want. I increasingly am starting to hate WotC, instead of making D&D Beyond better they made it worse. WotC greed will be their undoing yet.

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