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D&D General D&D Class Test- Which character class suits you?

About two days ago, a member of my role-playing group posted this D&D Class Test on our Discord channel. And it proved to be something of a hit amongst my group. 😋 :) By answering each of it's 60 questions, the test will give you an idea as to which class in D&D suits you.

What did you guys get when you took this test? :) BTW, I took this test three times, and each time it gave me a high % for Monk. I have never played a Monk at all in D&D. 😋
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My results were indefinite:


reposting my results from the original thread.


I answered the questions as truthfully as I could. I'm highly intellegent, poorly social, a bit of an outcast, highly independent, and strongly value knowledge. I was expecting to be like 110% wizard, but nope. I'm apparently full Paladin. Nailing Paladin that hard at first confused me, but then I remembered that 5th Paladins didn't have to be divinely focused. A freedom fighter type Paladin actually would describe my perfect self pretty well. Highly motivated by my own moral compass, trying to help those that I saw as being taken advantage of, perfectly comfortable working on the fringes of society.

I was pretty surprised by how accurate the results were. Paladin caught me a little off guard, but made sense in retrospect. The others I probably would have given the same % if I just set them myself, except cleric. Cleric should be something like 20%.
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