D&D DeckBuilder Coming Soon!


So can someone who is more knowledgeable than me tell, is this shadowrun game you talk about mostly just a dominion clone, or is it more like Phoenix: Dawn command? Because if it is the latter, then Dragonfire sounds like an awesome game.


Shadowrun:Crossfire definitely a lot closer to Dominion than it is to Phoenix: Dawn Command. The latter is an RPG, the former is a board (well, card) game.

However, apart from being a deckbuilder, it doesn't share all that much with Dominion, either. Rather, gameplay is similar to the 'Legendary Encounters' card games, or a co-op version of 'Thunderstone (Advance)'.
The one thing that makes SR:C 'unique', is that it's a Legacy game, i.e. it's meant to played as a campaign with your characters gaining xp and advancing over several game sessions.