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D&D General D&D In An (American) Castle

Four days playing D&D in a castle--if you can afford it!

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D&D In A Castle is an event which has taken place in UK castles for the last couple of years--a bunch of professional Dungeon Masters, four days in a castle playing D&D.

Now it's also in American castles--specifically Landoll's Mohican Castle in Ohio. The July event is sold out, but there are two events in August with spaces left. You'll be able to grab those tickets from March 8th.

It's not cheap though--it'll set you back somewhere between $1500 and $4000 depending on the room you select.

D&D in a Castle's First U.S. Event at Landoll’s Mohican Castle, Ohio, Sells Out in Record Time

Tabletop Vacation’s D&D in a Castle, renowned for its immersive DUNGEONS & DRAGONS experiences in historic castles, under license by leading toy and game company Hasbro, proudly announces the rapid sell-out of its first event in the United States. Scheduled for July 14-18, 2024 at a beautiful castle on the border of the Mohican Forest, the event was fully booked within 33 minutes of ticket release, underscoring the extraordinary demand for this unique experience. Founded by siblings Cameron and Tara Rout, D&D in a Castle uniquely combines Cameron's D&D expertise with Tara's knowledge of castles and history to create unparalleled gaming retreats.
Their collective passion has captivated D&D enthusiasts globally, offering a perfect blend of fantasy gaming in picturesque settings. The July event's rapid sell-out bodes well for the company's expansion and popularity in the U.S.

"We started with a dream to integrate the immersive experience of round-the-clock D&D with the fantastical setting of castles," said Tara Rout, Co-Founder & CEO of D&D in a Castle. "Launching in the U.S. at Landoll’s Mohican Castle, a location steeped in architectural beauty and history, is a realization of that dream and a milestone for us."
With the July event now fully booked, a waiting list has been opened for those still hoping to participate: July 14-18 Waitlist Form — D&D In a Castle.
Exciting Announcement: Additional U.S. Events at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in 2024

Given the high demand, D&D in a Castle is delighted to announce two additional U.S. events at Landoll’s Mohican Castle, set for August 11-15 and 18-22, 2024. Like the July event, these will feature intensive D&D sessions, themed meals, and opportunities to engage with prominent figures in the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS community.

"D&D in a Castle is about creating extraordinary experiences," said Justin Kautz, Event Coordinator of D&D in a Castle. "The sell-out of our first U.S. event and the addition of a second one is a dream come true. We look forward to bringing more such magical events to our community.

Tickets for the new August events are available now, and given the demand seen for the July event, early booking is advised.

For more information on the events and to purchase tickets, please visit: D&D in a Castle — D&D In a Castle.

About D&D in a Castle
Co-founded by siblings Cameron and Tara Rout, D&D in a Castle offers immersive DUNGEONS & DRAGONS experiences in historic castles worldwide. Known for high-quality events, exceptional Dungeon Masters, and breathtaking venues, it has become a favorite in the TTRPG community.

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#1 Enworld Jerk™
They've been fishing for this business for a long time. I remember seeing their booth at Origins years ago and thinking it was weird. Now it all makes sense.

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