D&D General D&D Loyalty?


Odd pondering. How loyal to D&D are you? By that I mean are you all in on D&D, loyal to an edition or loyal to a company?

Broadly speaking I'm loyal to the game not the D&D brand or company. If I stop playing D&D I'm stopping playing RPGs. I'll play other RPGs but I'm not interested in them as such.

D&D for me however isn't whatever the current owner stamps on the front of their books. Older editions, clones and closely related games are D&D. This included Pathfinder, Castles and Crusades and OSR stuff. It doesn't count Pathfinder 2, 13th Age, or DCC (they're all D&D cousins).

Tales of the Valiant could be tempting. Reasons.

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Patron Badass
I have plenty of alternatives, so while it would admittedly be missed if it dropped off the face of the planet, I would just play more of the other systems.

Also, D&D just isn't the "general rpg" that the internet makes it out to be. If I'm not making an adventure with a dungeon, I'm not making a D&D adventure.


I'm pretty much the same as the OP. I play the new edition and have bought the new core books. I buy and play some 3pp stuff that ties in with the named books. I'll buy the new books next year and play that but plan on looking at the others like ToV and such. Likely will not switch to something completely new like MCDM, even if it looks a lot like D&D.


I'm poly-gamist. These days I'm more interested in specific creators or specific interesting designs.

Mostly been playing RPGs outside of D&D or OSR/D&D-adjacent games. Recently ran Freebooters on the Frontier (Dungeon World + OSR mashup). Currently running a modded 5e Rime of the Frostmaiden on the boards here.

Recent purchases were Dungeon Delver's Guide (A5e, Paul Hughes), The Monster Overhaul (Skerples), and CyberpunkRED (R. Talsorian, Mike & Cody Pondsmith).

I believe that sticking with D&D/D&D-likes can plateau my growth as a GM, adventure writer, and games designer, so I try to expose myself to new games whenever I can.

John Lloyd1

I'm D&D 5E by convenience. It is convenient for me to DM adventurers league at the local FLGS. If it was convenient to play elsewhere, I would play other things as well. I might play some Fate Accelerated (Young Centurions), Little Wizards or Hero Kids over the summer holidays depending on interest.

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