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D&D General D&D Loyalty?

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Trust the Fungus
Not the least? If I listed my Top 5 favorite tabletop roleplaying games, "D&D" would be four of them. But there are other games, other games I like, and other games I want to play.

I could give up "D&D" and still game fervently for the rest of my life-- I just don't gave any reason to do that.


Mod Squad
Staff member
I am not at all sure that, if you add up all the hours of all the games I have played, that the majority of them would be D&D. Certainly, since I got married... 19 years ago... I have run more hours of Classic Deadlands and Ashen Stars than I have of D&D.

I will play other games at the drop of a hat. I will run other games as easily.


Not very, the OGL certainly made me take a look around and branch out. Mostly in the d20 area however

It helps that D&D was too superhero flavored for my taste anyway. I want something more grounded. With 2024 coming up, I decided that if it changes anyway, I might as well change it towards that.


If you need somewhere to store those unneeded books, I’ll be happy to. :)



I'm a D&D 3.5 loyalist, not because I believe it's a perfect game, but because I and my gaming group still get enjoyment from it and I have enough 3.5 materials to last me through the rest of our gaming lives. So we've seen no need to move forward to 4E or 5E.

Same. But I also use AD&D, Basic D&D, 5e, PF1, and rarely 2e materials in my 3.5e games. And some distant cousins, like Harn and MERP.

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