D&D Movie/TV DADHAT hits $80,856,963 box office

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I still have not seen it, but good on them. See how they do against Mario this week and what the drop off will be. What will they need to be worth making another movie? I'm thinking over 200m and they will come up with something with the same cast or most of the same cast.

Mario is looking to be a monster at the box office, it's probably going to take some of D&D's screens.

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March was a packed month with Creed 3, Shazam 2, John Wick 4, DnD and Mario. I'm surprised some of them didn't get moved.
There's still a huge backlog of movie releases. No company is finding a multi-week window for release for a blockbuster. Paramount swapped Scream 6 and Honor Among Thieves so that D&D wouldn't lead into Shazam and John Wick, which they expected to have greater audience overlap with than Mario.

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