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D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art


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Here is my series of The Girl With A Pearl Earing in various animation and cartoon styles.
I warmed up with a Pop-Art style just to make sure it would keep true to the subject...

Loony Tunes and The Ren & Stimpy Show animation styles

I think the Ren & Stimpy style is more R. Crumb, but hey...

Then I tried Cowboy Bebop as a style and DALL-E was not having it for copyright reasons. So I had it analyze the art style of that anime and because the analysis contained the words "Cowboy Bebop" in it... <sad trombone noises>.

Tried a different tack and asked it the following:
The girl with a pearl earing. Realistic and dirty sci-fi anime style using an earthy and muted color palette. Mood is melancholy, introspective jazz.
And it went a little too realistic for Cowboy Bebop...

So I had it change the image with the following:
4 variations of n2 with the following changes: Lean towards a anime cartoon style, background is a moody lounge on a rundown spaceship.
This was the Cowboy Bebop-ist of the bunch:

Here are the also rans...
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Well, in the game Chrononauts, you had 3 different Mona Lisas. The real thing, the sublte forgery, and the obvious forgery. So when you had a goal that required you to have Mona Lisa, you used the best one that was in play (well, there was of course one where you needed all 3). Think that might apply here... ;)


I tried to create an Intellect Devourer and this is what the AI came up with. Close enough for my D&D games.

Prompt: small quadrupedal walking brain protected by a crusty covering, bestial clawed legs, skulking in darkness, crawling, wide shot, high detail, digital painting

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A friend speculated that this image from WOTC might have had an AI base. Pure speculation and no accusations are being made toward anyone.

Anyway, I'm curious to see if anyone can reproduce something similar. Please tag me and include your prompt if you give it a go.


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