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D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

The Scythian

DALL·E 2024-01-18 20.37.05 - An 18th-century neoclassical painting capturing a scene set withi...png
DALL·E 2024-01-18 20.36.34 - A 19th-century Romantic style painting of a scene set in a dark d...png
DALL·E 2024-01-18 20.39.22 - A late 19th-century Realist painting depicting a scene set in a d...png

Three dwarves: 18th-century Neoclassical, 19th-century Romantic, and late 19th-century Realist.

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I wonder if in the future the companies will sell trademark LoRAs (Low-Rank Adaptation) like if these were cosmetic elements of a videogame, style Fortnite skins. For example D&DBeyond selling LoRAs characters of the heros of Dragonlance, or the monsters.

With the right software, you could produce AI animation as if it was a machinima of the Sims.

Or you could create your own LoRAs poses and scenerys using elements of the VTTs.

Or streamers could use AI to produce animated scenes based in their actual-play shows.


Dragon Lover
Here we have the Scorchbeast, based on the Fallout 76 creature of the same name. These terrifying and radioactive bat creatures are known to create massive shockwaves with it's sonic screeches, unleash a concentrated and scorching nuclear beam that causes those that perish from it to rise as Scorched Zombies under its control, and generates a toxic miasma that causes creature to lose their resistance and immunity to poison and radiant damage which makes them susceptible to their toxic bite and searing claw attacks.









My players saved a nomad princess and a boar piglet a while back. I generated a lot of images to make a Christmas card from them. A lot of them got blocked for inappropriate content. Though how am I responsible for how a horny AI interprets "female barbarian wearing furs and leather armor?"

Yeah, the way that the quasi religious fundamentalist "purity police" programming interferes with artwork, is frustrating.


Dragon Lover
Back at it again with another D&D monster inspired by/ripped from a creature from another franchise. This time we have a Catnap from Poppy Playtime.

The Meowsma is an aberrant creature said to only be encountered at night. Despite their tall and unnatural frames, they are abnormally flexible, beings able to contort their limbs and bodies to allow themselves to squeeze into small spaces while on the hunt. While a good portion of a Meowsma's diet consists of various animals, these abnormal felines also gain sustenance from the dreams, or nightmares, of sentient beings. They are even known to be able to enter the dreams of those that are asleep near them, allowing them to manipulate the dreamscape of the dreamers, for better or worse. Regardless of which type of prey they are hunting, the Meowsma employs it's unique ability to produce a mist-like gas that can cause various effects such as causing harmful illusions, inducing a paralysis effect, or putting a victim into either a peaceful or nightmare inducing sleep while on the hunt.

While many Meowsma are nuisances or even outright hostile to civilized societies, there is a small collection of these strange creatures that revere The Eldest Dream as their patron deity and use their powers to protect the dreams of people, especially children. If one should travel through a town and notice that small, purple plush cats are a very common children's toy, its highly likely that the town's dreams is protected by one of these enigmatic creatures.












Dragon Lover
Just some monster tokens I made for my upcoming sessions.

A few pics I like for an Assassin Raven, sneaky demons with a potent toxin that causes a nasty, and random, ability drain effects if it hits with it's poison coated talons. The first two look less threatening and more stealthy, while the other two look more menacing and demonic.

Here we have a potential ally the party might come across, an undead indigo dragon known as Saryxia, the Spectral Serenade. I'm not entirely sure if I want them to be more like a beautiful yet ethereal looking entity or more like a dracolich. Regardless they are a powerful bard with various powerful effects they utilize through singing.

The leader of the group of demon worshipping cultists trying to harness the energies of the Shadowfell to enhance the power of a soul stealing artifact, here are some pics for a Drider Lich.

A powerful and reclusive Necrosphinx bound to the temple the PCs are heading to, unable to harm the cultists that have recently taken over due to their powerful enchantments gifted by their demon master that prevent the undead from harming them, but perfectly capable of tearing any one else that draws near to shreds.

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