D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

You were totally right. I'm very happy with this one that I go via free Copilot with the prompt:
digital fantasy art. A rough stone wall in a cave, with many little rocks scattered about the floor, and a faint large rectangular depression in the wall. Background is dark underground cavern.


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CR 1/8
Very nice, thanks. I was thinking it might be cracked open, but I think you are right, once the word 'door' is added it makes a visible door.
I've just had a bit of luck with "straight black crack" to get something that looks slightly ajar.
digital fantasy art. A rough mossy stone wall in a cave, with many little rocks scattered about the floor, a faint rectangular groove in the wall with a straight black crack. Background is dark underground cavern

That good old fashion "open sesame" feeling....




Just have to train those gnomish secret door builders to make the secret door in the same same color rock as everything else.

Any idea if you can use a top down battlemap along with a description to generate a scenic type image? I've been trying to get scenics that match an existing top-down map but have not been able to, yet.

Sorry, nope. Wasn't clear. But to take that map and add a description to it and get a "scenic" or perspective view of the docks or river. Something like add the image and the prompt: "A medieval town with a canal. Numerous small skiffs are on the water and there is a three-story building with a tree in the background."

And then have it generate an image that looks like you are in a boat looking east, or walking across the southern bridge looking north. And have it be true-ish to the map.

My specific example is to take this part of a battlemap:
Screenshot 2024-06-11 072107.png

Add a description or prompt like this:
"A massive room with grey stone walls and a high arched ceiling. Situated in the center of the room is a massive steel anvil with a perpetual fire burning on the top of it. Two massive steel dwarven statues stand guard behind it. The floor is black-red granite and in front of the anvil appears inlaid with silver runes. Fantasy Digital Art. View is from the south looking north."
And then have it create an image like this, but that actually matches the first image.

(Note, I'm actually pretty happy with this image, but It took me a few dozen tries to get this far.)

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