Dark*Matter: Discovery, The Chicago Ripper


Dikaro's apartment building was a ten story affair. Not an expensive, luxury penthouse sort of place, but not a cheap, run down building either. From the information Z gave you, the man you were looking for lived in room twelve on the fifth floor.

The Institute had already pulled the necessary strings, so getting access to the building was no problem. The land lady could confirm that Dikaro himself had gone up to his apartment an hour previously. A fire escape ran right outside the back window of his apartment.

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"Any way we can disable that fire escape before we make ourselves known? At least then if he tries to make a break for it, we'll know where we can scrape him off the concrete." Nick looks to Cade, the man with the plan.

ooc: a look in the rogue's gallery says that Nick has the highest disable device score, but he'll still run it by everyone before he makes any decisions.
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"The best we could do is get it locked in the up position," says Cade as he looks at it. "But, someone could either jump from it, pretty easily, or just head to the roof."

"We could lock the fire escape, and I could be up on the roof, but it'd be dangerous for anyone else," says Cade. "If there's a fire...well, it'd be bad and CPD ain't too thrilled about fidning fire escapes messed with."

"It'd probably be best if I watch the fire escape from down here," Cade quickly adds, "That way, if someone escapes and goes up the fire escape, I can tell you guys and someone can hit the roof access, but if they come down this way I'll be here."

While talking Cade reaches behind his seat and pulls out a large kit bag, which he sets on the console between the two front seats, and takes out his rifle, a WInchester 94, lever action rifle. With care, both for the rifle and for the safety of this in the vehicle, Cade aims the muzzle down and rest the rifle between his seat and the console, it's muzzle end is down by the accelerator of the SUV.


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"Ok Doc, I don't want to know were you learned to jimmy a lock, but it's all yours." Checking his weapon safety for a last time, Larry does a last time audio check, confirming he is in contact with Cade. "We need some call signs, Cade. This is just lousy SOP. Besides call signs are cool." Clearly Larry is nervous, but in good spirits.

As they take the elevator to Dikaro's floor, Larry turns to Diego and says. "My turn to knock, mano. Hopefully the reception will be less lethal this time."

OOC: All I can come up for my call sign is Face, and I'd rather get something more original.
BTW, I mean to elt the Doc open the lock and then we breach. I assume we have a picture of Dikaro, so let's try to spaer him.
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Meredith accompanys Nick, still kind of distracted looking. Her clip is full of holy bullets, and she has a vial of holy water in her pocket ready to splash on her sword should it be necessary. It struck her that she ought to feel frightened, but that mantra swirling inside her made a clear, calm spot...like the eye of a storm. All her emotions were outside that place, leaving her perfectly clear, except for those words that drove her.

Was this where it was hiding? Was it here?


"Don't look at me," says Cade as he confirms the comms are working. "I'm lousy at nicknames." After a slight pause, he adds, "It's probably because I never had one."

While the others enter the building, Cade will keep an eye on what he can, including turning the radio back on to the previously used/listened-in-on frequency that the bad-guys were one earlier.


Diego puts his blessed clip into his Glock. "Better depleted than dead."

"Call signs are a good idea, in case anyone is listening. Call me ... Mace."

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