Dark*Matter: Discovery, The Chicago Ripper


industrygothica said:
[sblock]Got some stats on it so I can add it to his equipment list?[/sblock]

[sblock]It has been over a month since he made it, and it's not exactly the sort of thing you carry around with you. If he wants to make another one, though, there's nothing stopping him, and it would function like a molotov cocktail.[/sblock]

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Dikaro's apartment door was slightly ajar as our heroes approached, and a light slipping out from the crack indicated either that someone was home, or he was very careless with his home security. The motion dector determined that there was one person pacing around in the room.

"You have to tell me where the ceremony will be completed!"
came a voioce from inside the room. "Or I don't get the power!" He was talksing in a harsh whisper, but not quietly enough.

"Dikaro, Dikaro, Dikaro,"
came the voice of Cliff Kenzington. It sounded like Dikaro was talking to him on a speaker phone, conveniently enough.l "You just simply don't understand your role in things. It wouldn't surprise me if the Hoffmann Institute has already tracked you down. Your role in this scheme is done. You should accept that, you're a loyal member of the Secret Masters of Thoth, so act like one."

"You wouldn't have the final sacrifice without me! I practically delivered her to you. I deserve to take part in the final ceremony!"

"Your talents are hardly unique. Web design isn't exactly a rare talent. But, you've talked me into it. Do you still have the briefcase you were delivered, the one I told you not to open?"

"Yes, yes, it's here."

"Good, open it. You'll know what to do after that. Goodbye, Dikaro."


"Bomb," Nick says almost casually before drawing his gun and bursting through the door.

"Stop!" he shouts, aiming his gun towards Dikaro. "Don't touch that briefcase. Back away from it, or I will shoot you."

Of course he doesn't really know there is a bomb in the briefcase, but he was acting purely on instinct now. Nick knew explosives, so did Cliff; they were practically brothers at one time. And that's exactly how Nick would do it if he were Cliff right now.

Nick edges closer to Dikaro; his hands are steady as the barrel approaches Dikaro's head. "Nothing anyone can summon has the power to do to you what I will if you don't start talking now. Where is she?"


First Post
Damn, Doc. That was quick. still slightly shocked by Nick's quick thinking. Bursting into the room, the con artist put's on his grimmest face while he points his gun at the man as well.

"You better answer the Doc, Dikaro. He's a nice enough fellow; I'm not. You don't want me to do the asking." The room seems to visibly darken as Larry continues, his gun unerringly aimed at the man's head. As Meredith walks in with her sword, he adds with a deadly grin. "And she can carve you quicker than a thanksgiving turkey with that, so I wouldn't reccomend any dumb ideas."

OOC: Intimidate +9 and whatever having a gun pointed by two poeple will give.


We're here in the "'Nick' of time" it seems. Of course, it's a bomb. And he's a killer cultist, and we're walking right into the room with that bomb. Stupid!

But Diego joins the others anyway, waving his own Glock. "I'm a pretty good shot too, Dik."

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