D&D 5E Dark Souls 5e Copy in Hand… Q&A

Yeah, that's a very sour price tag for a flawed work.

I don't mind the errata. I'm just wondering what will be done about the Collector's Edition. Because I sure as heck know a PDF ain't worth $99.95.

That is such a bummer. The guy that DM'ed the game (and helped right the book) at Gary Con clearly loves Dark Souls, and it ran smoothly in play. But a good editor, as we've all observed in other threads, is worth it.

From the list I saw, it is no simple 2-3 pages errata, its more in the line of a re-edition with a large rewrite of the system. Sadly, I was really waiting to get my hands on this.

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My best version so far is AiME classes (+warlock as the only spellcaster AND no cantrips AND thematic spell list only) against regular monsters from the MMs, since the monsters of AiME were quite low-CR.
AiME is excellent & very dangerous if you run it like standard D&D as I did in a mini dungeon bash in it. Nearly a TPK - players had the sense to retreat to a defendable doorway/ room.
Ruins of Symbaroum 5e may offer a similar hard-core experience, with beautiful books & far fewer typos than DS! 🤣

So am I right that HP(postion) are 1HD per level+ con mod but you can ALSO get temps equal to your HD?

so at 5th leve walking around you have 5dX+(5x con mod) but 1st turn of each fight gain 5dx temp hp?

Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
Could you provide some examples of the monsters? Just the names is good, but maybe one stablock would be nice... I'm curious if at least the monsters have some interesting design behind them.

Also I'm curious if they statted out Dark Souls bosses, or stuck with the normal monsters.


I'm the Straw Man in your argument

"Steamforged Games will correct and reissue manuals for Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game, whose rulebooks have been in circulation for a month and are reportedly shot through with errors."

Sorry I am having trouble creating a link to site. You'll have to copy&paste the link below:


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