D&D 5E Dark Souls 5e Copy in Hand… Q&A

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I would like to ask:

What midnight twist of unspeakable evil lead men to adapt a videogame based on overwhelming difficulty to 5e D&D which is designed to be fairly simple and balanced...

... When Hackmaster is -right there-?!
The answer is Steamforged Games. They have done a number of 5E variants such as Animal Adventures (which was composed of two separate kickstarters (Dungeons and Doggies/Cats and Catacombs which were originally minatures+ followed by their equivalent of "Uearthed Arcarna" for playing as Dog/Cat pcs in 5E.) which was then combined together into a whole new variant/combo of both known as Secrets of Gullet Cove. Later this year a further expansion of Animal Adventures known as The Faraway Sea is coming which introduces other playable animals such as Pigs, Goats, Foxes, Rabbits and a bunch more for 5E.

Steamforged Games is also the masterminds behind the Dark Souls trading card game as well as Dark Souls: The Boardgame. Intentionally enough, the classes in*Dark Souls: The Boardgame* are the VERY SAME EXACT classes in Dark Souls: TTRPG.


I'm the Straw Man in your argument
Interestingly, what this isn’t is D&D hardcore mode.

  • Position is nice but fundamentally no worse than hp, and in some cases will lead to more hp equivalents and healing than 5e.
  • Bloodied is a nice mechanic and boosts monsters but it also boosts PCs so not harder.
  • Classes aren’t weaker - they just lack the variance of subclass (with the exception of casters who are nerfed to hell - as befits a dark souls game) So not really harder, just different
  • Initiative rolls are interesting but it’s really still an initiative roll off, it just means the monsters is fixed. Plus PCs can act in whatever order they like so actually easier.
  • Limited equipment - weapons actually do more. Quite a bit more as standard. So not harder.

What actually makes the game harder is tougher monsters such as those in the back… which we can do in 5e as we stand now.

So all in all, my quest for a 5e hardcore mode continues…
Is there anything that replicates the Death Save Mechanic in 5e?


Possibly a silly question, but how is the binding? Is it perfect bound or sewn? (If sewn, you should be able to see the string in the middle between certain pages.) Wondering because of the cost of the book (especially the collector's edition).
Sorry, almost missed this question.

The binding is strung and looks pretty darn good.


Well, in a very interesting turn of events, I just got a text verification from SHOP that my order of the Dark Souls TTRPG Collector's Editon just shipped out today. So, it seems like my copy is coming early in the mail, or at least, a number of weeks before the May 15th release date. And I live in the US.

Color me excited!


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The Hackmaster thing was a joke about the DM Mentality behind each game and ease of a given character dying.

A rhetorical question meant to highlight the disparity of 5e's cooperative play and Hackmaster's antagonistic play.

Generally speaking if you see me use an interrobang I'm making a joke.

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