D&D General Dark Sun fans: What are the essential elements of Dark Sun to you?

What makes a setting "Dark Sun?"

  • Art by Brom

    Votes: 39 39.4%
  • Dragon Kings and their counterparts

    Votes: 81 81.8%
  • Elementals

    Votes: 28 28.3%
  • Environmental collapse

    Votes: 91 91.9%
  • No gods

    Votes: 75 75.8%
  • No planar travel

    Votes: 46 46.5%
  • Psionics

    Votes: 77 77.8%
  • Slavery

    Votes: 43 43.4%
  • Sword & Sandals

    Votes: 83 83.8%
  • Wildly different core races

    Votes: 49 49.5%
  • Other (explain in a post)

    Votes: 15 15.2%

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero

Let's say a non-WotC publisher wanted to make a new setting that captured what Dark Sun fans enjoyed most about the setting. If you are an existing Dark Sun fan, what do you consider the essential elements of the setting that a publisher could remix and still capture a large part of the magic of the setting for you.

My suspicion is that while there are fans of every single element, most fans actually like a smaller core set of elements, which might be remixed separately.

But I'm not an existing Dark Sun fan, just a busybody with a theory.

So, Dark Sun fans, what are the essential elements in your mind?

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Everything you listed in this poll and more is absolutely Essential to Dark Sun. Although finding another artist could still work.

Also: resource scarcity, threat of death from starvation/dehydration

Political treachery

Commanding armies
And more I'm not thinking of... 😉

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