Darkness Labs: Now Opening in Juxta's Emporium


Darkness Labs

~Darkness Laboratories~

Darkness Laboratories manufactures and sells the most advanced weapons and armor in the history of warfare. And that is EXACTLY what we specialize in, weapons of warfare! From super hand crossbows, to swords that change form, we have the best of the best! And if we do not have it, we can make it for you!
We are currently hiring for our newest location in the Juxta Emporium, so if you are interested, please let us know. We pay 50 gold coins a hour for store managers, and 100 gold coins a hour for scientists. We will hire a maximum of four store managers, and six scientists.

Please return to the cork board often for further updates.

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First Post
To Whoever Runs the Labarotory-

Sir, I am interested in the job of scientist for the Darkness Labatories. I'm a gnome, with significant tinkering, inventing, and scientific experience. I studied four years in the University studying science and music.



Darkness Labs


Master Gnome,

You have been accepted as a scientest of Darkness Labs! But, before we can make it official, you must have a meeting with Lord Bvolderro, founder and owner of Darkness Labs. You can either meet him in the Juxta Emporium, by the fountain, or you can make special arangments with him in the guild hall. Master Bvolderro is a very busy man, so please schedual your apointment soon.

Thank you kindly for applying for the job,

Darkness Laboratories



*a human female (melynxt) glances over the notices and spots this one, reading it with a frown, before pulling out a small bit of coal and scribbling a response at the bottom of the parchment*

"Jus wha this place needs..more ways ta kill others...how bout off'rin somethin tha dun cause death? This is 'orrble...an i fer one spit on ya're establishment...We dun need more places ta buy magicked weapons...all this is gonn'uh do is draw in more evil..an this place's got more than nuff of tha already!..."

*the note is not signed at all*


First Post
Looks at the unsigned note. Smiling to himself, placing his reply under it.

Don't worry. Juxta will find a way to balance good and evil. It always does. Neutrality always come through in the end.


walks up to the cork board and begins reviewing the many posts, he stops and reads this one for a moment. afterwards he give a wave of his hand, summoning a pen and piece of parchment, then writes the following.

I see I've some competition moving in, mayhapes a quality test can be arrange between this lord bvolderro's products and my own. I can be found either somewhere near the dinning center of the juxta emporium, or at my own shop the" Goldheart Forge " within the emporium's bazaar.

after a brief review of his note, he tacks it on the board near the first and then walks off.

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