DDEX1-11 Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle GM notes and discussion


Originally posted by Sirjangles:

I'm running Dark Pyramid this Saturday so I'm reading up on the quest. I'm very confused by the Maze because the expeditions talks about different areas in the Maze, but MAP 1 doesn't provide clearly numbered areas and doesn't even look like it's big enough to contain encounters. Am I missing something? Does someone have a better map I could use or an explanation as to what and where the areas for the first part of the pyramid are?

Originally posted by MasterNamer:

I think the areas in the maze are supposed to be connected in any way you want, and the only way to get out is to overcome a certain number of rooms based on your average party level. So, just create each area as you come to it based on the description.

Originally posted by imaginaryfriend:

Map 1 is not the maze. Map 1 is just the first area of the maze. The text of the adventure should make that fairly clear. It did for me when I ran it.

Originally posted by Tyranthraxus:

Yeah the maze is way too big to include all of it in the Scenario. If you have ever played the Gold Box Pool of Radiance game, you find that the maze has some mystical properties (ie a lot of illusion stuff: most of the time you arnt actually getting anywhere but you think you are)

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