Defender's of Daybreak Table of Contents


Just another little project I am sort of working on...
All things Defenders of Daybreak related.

A pronunciation guide (Courtesy of Blackjack)
Velendo - veh-LENN-doh
Mara - MARR-ah (not "MARE-ah")
Nolin - NOLL-inn (not "NOH-linn")
TomTom - TOMM-TOMM (duh)
Tao - TAY-oh (not "TAH-oh")
Malachite - MAL-ah-kite (not "MAL-ah-chite")
Raevynn - RAY-vinn
Agar - AY-garr (not "AH-garr" or "ah-GARR")
PirateCat - RAT-BASS-tarrd (not "PIE-rat-cat")
Shara - SHARR-ah (not "SHARE-ah")
Dylrath - DILL-rath
Aleax - AY-lee-ax

Artwork -
A Description of Galthia
Pics of Malachite & Palladio
Agar & Proty

The Story
EversinkSir AleaxHundle's CrossingBeneath Hundle's CrossingA couple of loose endsPreparationInto the UnderdarkMridsgateA Much Deserved RestLooking for KellharinLeaving for MridOathenor's WrathThe Vault of MridAkin's ThroatBack in the TunnelsThe Deepening Rift Onward!

first 150 posts - Blackjack mentions a couple of places where PC misquotes him.
Link in should point to
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