Demiurges of the Universe.

Hey all, I'm currently making a new cosmic pantheon of sorts.

Bridging the gap between gods and Aspects are a multitude of powers, usually thought of as Sidereals and Demiurges, these beings of astronomical and and astrological power don't represent elements or planes but huge swaths of space and several million or even trillion dimensional layers. Nearly infinite, almost unstoppable and powerful to such a degree as to make stars bleed and the night sky cry out in terror. These beings are not to be trifled with....

The Pantheon at a glance:

The Great Attractor, Lord and Mistress of the Infinite Night: Stage 3 Demiurge
Unvorus, Hero of the Night, Beloved of Dark Mother, Man turned Infinite: Stage 3 Demiurge (Quintessence engorged Old One)

Laniakea, Highest of the High, Stage 2 Demiurge
(All beings are made from Laniakea, Laniakea drifts almost in a blissful daze to the Great Attractor, awaiting who knows what fate)

High Holies: Stage 1 Demiurges.

Centaurus: (N) a massive Centaur made of nebulae and the stars themselves leading into a fractal haze of infinite horse like beings all with their heads hidden behind one another and the only face being his. He wields a massive antler bow taken off some dream stag, with 5 strings hung from the 10 points of the horns. This bow fires black sparkling arrows made of stars and the night sky and can slice through planar layers and always strikes the heart of it's foes.

Pavoindus: (CG) a powerful humanoid warrior of average height and build with pink skin with a gray blue undertone and distinct pointy ears, and thick Tom Sellick moustache, wears a gold orichalcum breastplate and round shield and uses an orichalcum longsword.
He is a blessed by Laniakea and is able to channel that light into his actions. Probably the most personable and human. Masqueades as a mortal hides his true power and saves whole worlds in epic Commander Shepard with a sword fashion, befriending the masses, sometimes living as a King or legend and breeding with the locals taking a wife and living a full life, never truly letting on (except exceedingly rare occasions) inspiring generations, civilizations and seeding whole pantheons.

Hydra: (CE) an infinite headed Hydra with wings made of star sanctuaries, and the mother of all magical beasts. Uses the pure cosmic fire of Quasar Dragons who beyond their most powerful are devoured and absorbed.

Virgo: (UA) a powerful and beautiful sorceress made of pure magic, neither male nor female but prefers to interact as a female, is the cosmic embodiment of magic, contemporary of Ysrahl, looks like a woman made of pure golden light energy with eyes like sunspots.

Great Eridanus: (multiple alignments) a collection of several beings races current gods dead gods, and other entities that over time coelesced into several distinct personalities that both seem to work against each other and towards a common end. Appears, normally, as a humanoid wrapped in a ragged cloak thick of muscle but seemingly unhealthy and eyes burning with the energy of ghosts. Depending on the way in which he/she's encountered nearly every conceivable aspect can change but his eyes always remain the same unless deliberately altered on purpose.
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Those all sound really nice, I can't wait to read more about them and to see their stats if you plan on posting them here.
Indeed, absolutely. I have more basics written down for the MOs of each and the way in which they interact with one another. The Void (not void Lords) which is a conglomerate of entropic Anomaly that exist in the places outside of Lanieakea's influence. Whole galaxies converted by Terran douchebags then reconverted via Divine Intervention. Etc. Got alot of basics to work with here. I'll post the rest.

Voidrunner's Codex

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