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My players began a new campaign last night, in which they'll be going Wild Beyond the Witchlight....

But first, because a couple of them are really old-hand RPG players, but haven't played 5e, I gave them a "characters meeting on the road" prelude, in which they had to deal with a few goblins that had set up a "fortress" at the side of the road from which to extort money from travelers. The scenario came from Prepared, from Kobold Press, and was entitled "The Impregnable Fortress of Dib".

"I am Dib! This is my impregnable fortress! (pause)... Which you have... pregnated..."

The party made expectedly quick work of Dib's cohort, and captured Dib himself and one of his group. Since Dib was funny, I expect Dib is going to manage to escape and follow the party into the Feywild, for repeated comic impact.

Anyone here see the Dennis Quaid/Kathleen Turner movie, Undercover Blues? In it, Stanley Tucci plays an incompetent small time crook who calls himself Muerte who follows the heroes desperately trying to get his revenge on them, and failing comically. That's gonna be Dib. At least, if they don't kill him....
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