Diana Jones 2021 Award goes to NIBCARD Games!


I crit!

Nigeria Board Card, Role-play and Dice.
NIBCARD Nig. Limited is a Tabletop Games publishing, production and promotional company.
NIBCARD Games started in 2013 however it was registered under the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2016 and has since, designed and manufactured 33 ‘made in Nigeria’ Tabletop Games, including manufacturing for clients; introduced a yearly Tabletop Games convention and opened the first Tabletop Games café in Nigeria.

KC from NIBCARD Games
NIBCARD Games has been awarded the
for 2021Pleading facePartying face.

We accept and thank the committee behind the selection and hosting of the award

I dedicate this to God and my mum

Thank you to everyone who has trusted and supported us. So many names to mention.


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I crit!
What is the Diana Jones Award? I've never heard of it...

(please note I'm trying to be stupid funny cause i'm punch drunk)

In reality they are a secret organization of choosers of that which the choosers deem should be chosen and lauded for being good. No really, they are a secret organization.

One day someone tried to burn the Indiana Jones RPG for being so dreadfully bad. Realizing how blatantly bad that action was they tried to stop it mid burn and the only readable words left were Diana Jones! One of their ilk and co conspirators decided it would be a grand idea to seal their terrible decisions in a perpex pyramid and hand it out as an award in order to prevent the very thing that they had done.

Sort of.

they throw a big party and announce their choices the night before GenCon. Have done so for years innumerable, really I tried to count them and fell asleep so I know.

Shhhhh, tell no one.


I crit!

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