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Diana Jones Award Announces 4 Emerging Designer Winners

Program amplifies the voices of up-and-coming hobby game designers

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The Diana Jones Awards have announced four Emerging Designer Program Winners for 2023, and each will win a prize package including an expenses-paid trip to Gen Con.

The Diana Jones Awards--named after the Indiana Jones tabletop RPG--award one person or event each year for excellence in gaming. In the past, this has included game designers, conventions, even concepts like Black Excellence in Gaming or Actual Play. The award is presented at Gen Con every year.

The Emerging Designer Program is separate to the main award. The winners are listed below but you can read all about them on the official web page!
  • Anthony Joyce-Rivera (Dungeon Master's Guild, WotC, Critical Role, MCDM, Ghostfire)
  • Erin Roberts (Written in Blood, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Hunter: The Reckoning)
  • Kayla Dice (Transgender Deathmatch, How to Embrace a Swamp Creature, The Infinite Dancefloor)
  • Sen H.H.S. (Pathfinder, Level Up)
This program of the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming amplifies the voices of up-and-coming hobby game designers, with a focus on creators from marginalized communities, by featuring them during an expenses-paid trip to Gen Con. Its inaugural year was 2021, when Jeeyon Shim was our first Diana Jones Emerging Designer.

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