D&D General Did you get your start playing D&D, and what do you play now?

What RPG did you start with, and what do you play now?

  • I was introduced through D&D, and only play D&D

    Votes: 36 19.4%
  • I was introduced through D&D, and play both D&D and other RPGs

    Votes: 106 57.0%
  • I was introduced through D&D, and only play non-D&D RPGs

    Votes: 15 8.1%
  • I was introduced through a non-D&D RPG, and only play D&D

    Votes: 5 2.7%
  • I was introduced through a non-D&D RPG, and play both D&D and other RPGs

    Votes: 21 11.3%
  • I was introduced through a non-D&D RPG, and only play non-D&D RPGs

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • I will not be quantified, by you or anyone else!

    Votes: 2 1.1%


I'm curious to see what RPG people started playing with, and what they currently play. Specifically, whether or not you started playing with a version of D&D (any version), or a different RPG, as well as what you are playing now.

I'm speaking fairly broadly in terms of "now" for purposes of this poll. If you are playing CoC currently, but your last or next campaign might be D&D, then you would be currently playing both for purposes of the poll.

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I checked started with D&D and play that and others. Which is technically true. But the very first 'game night' I had we played both D&D (one of the Basic games, it was around '79) and Traveller. Currently I'm in two groups. One plays mostly 5E, the other plays whatever anyone wants to run.

Greg K

I started with Holme's Basic and quicly moved to AD&D 1e, and then other TSR games before being introduced to Champions and Rolemaster.
These days, I prefer other games to D&D, but am willing to run a house ruled 3e or 5e D&D (neither edition of D&D are my first choices (or even 3rd) for fantasy rpgs). As for playing D&D as a player, I am far more likely to turn down a D&D game


I was introduced to TTRPGs through D&D 3e, but I began venturing out to a lot of other non-D&D RPGs not long thereafter, albeit mostly fantasy heartbreakers (i.e., True 20), when D&D wasn't really able to do the sort of fantasy or game experiences I was wanting it to do.


Started with the Red Box by learning to play via the solo adventure. Have played all the other major editions since then (AD&D, 2E, 3E, 3.5E, 4E, 5E.) But also have played and run dozens of other games and systems over that time because all of them give different experiences in gaming-- by genre, by theme, by mechanics.

I see no reason to play one RPG all the time for the same reason I don't play one board game or one card time all the time at the expense of any others. Variety is the spice of life.


I first played The Dark Eye (1st edition, Dutch translation). Nowadays we mostly play D&D3.5, but also d20 Modern and d20 Star Wars, with the occasional dabble in TDE too for old times' sake.

I've also been playing some solo RPG/boardgame hybrids lately, like Four Against Darkness, Legacy of Dragonholt and Tainted Grail.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
I started with Holmes Basic, quickly moved to AD&D 1e, played multiple superhero, sci-if, horror, and Star Wars games/editions. Enjoyed most of them. But D&D is really the primary constant. There’s only 1 edition that I didn’t play the heck out of. 5e is currently my favorite version.

Jack Daniel

I started with black box D&D and quickly moved to AD&D 2nd Edition. Tried a lot of RPGs back in the day, but didn't like most of them. So these days I mostly play classic D&D, some AD&D 1st Edition, and a smattering of OSR games which are still basically just D&D but adapted to another genre or period (White•Star, Skyscrapers & Sorcery, Flying Swordsmen, etc.). Given that, I think it's fair to say that I started with D&D and now I only play D&D.

Technically started with a homemade rip off of 1E and video games I made, because my brother wouldn't let me play in his group. It was bad, but my friend and I had a good time until the DM of my brother's game invited us.

Not currently playing any other RPGs, mostly due to time constraints. I've played and enjoyed Alternity, Deadlands, most editions of L5R, and a few others whose names escape me. I've especially played new ones at conventions in one shots, but as expected, most weren't for me.


Started with AD&D 1E, moved on to 2E and 3.0/3.5, stopped at 3.5 and continue to play it to this day.

I used to also play Champions, Gamma World (1E and 2E), and I gave Top Secret a one-adventure shot as well, but that was all decades ago. It's pretty much just D&D 3.5 for me now.



I checked non-D&D and I play D&D and others, but that's not strictly true - I played one session of D&D first (I forgot that it was first) but then I played a lot of the TMNT RPG, Twilight 2000, Rifts, and Robotech. Then when AD&D 2nd Edition came out, I bought it day-of-release, and I've played D&D nearly weekly ever since. I've kept up with the editions over the years always switching to the new one as they come out (actually, no - I've playtested all of them before they came out... then played them as they came out).

I've also tried many RPGs over the years. These days, I play mostly D&D (only because I play D&D ALL THE TIME) but I also find time to play Shadowrun, Delta Green, and Feng Shui relatively regularly (one of my players runs those games whenever I need time off from DMing).


B/X in 1981 in 6th grade transitioning shortly thereafter to AD&D. In early to mid 80s also played much Gamma World 1e and a bit of Villains and Vigilantes and Star Frontiers (got my sister to play that last one a few times). In to Star Fleet Battles in HS for a while for my one fling with a miniatures game. Made characters for things like Champions, later Gamma World, Traveller, DC, Marvel Super Heroes, Twilight 2000, and Phoenix Command sometime by early college but didn't play more than a session or three at most. Switched to 2e in gradschool and loved it and then got lots of VtM 2e in and lots of MtG and some Decipher SW:CCG. Out in the world, loved 3.5, with some PF, SW, VtM, and one or two others, but group drifted apart for moving and jobs. Dipped toes in 4e along the way and meh. Next decade out in the real world played a variety of things for a few to several months at a time: 1e, 13th age (one DMs favorite), Fate, Shadow run, a Cthulhu thing or two, and a few others. Sidetracked playing MtG. Now running 5e and playing in it (with a bit less MtG).

When looking for people to play with it seems like picking the big one (or from the big two if there are a big 2 like when VtM 2e was huge) makes life a lot easier. Once you have a steady group it seems not hard to get folks to try a new game... if the group hasn't had to by too many other new rulebooks lately (knowing it might be the only time they use them if the group isn't crazy about it).

Do PF and 13th Age count as D&D?

I wonder if the two big differences between board games and RPGs are how long the steady time commitment is and that for the former, only one person needs to own a copy for everything to be smooth. Hard to have everyone show up with characters for an RPG if they have to pass around the rules.

Also have played tons of bridge (twice weekly if schedule allows), chess (team in HS), rummy, cribbage, euchre, canasta, and multi-player solitaire for classics, and a lot of Ascension for board games. Have a friend who has 6+ book cases full of board games, so I've played a few dozen, and own a handful, but don't play any regularly or go to regular game nights. Own a copy of Titan (played several times in grad school), but haven't roped anyone back in to playing. "This game is Bonkers!" is criminally underrated among kids games.

My 11yo son enjoys 5e and MtG and a variety of classic card games, and has tried several board games.
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Greg K

I realized that, in my prior post, I did not mention what i am playing. Currently, I am not playing due to returning to school, COVID (including me having had it_ and trying to take a class this past semester. while dealing with long term after effects of COVID.
Prior to returning to school and COVID, I had run a Savage Worlds campaign (inspired by Men in Black, Special Unit 2, and Freaky Links) followed by a Mutants and Masterminds 2e campaign that lasted six or seven years).
When I am able to run again, I want to run Icons: Assembled, BASH: Ultimate Edition, Barbarians of Lemuria, Honor + Intrigue, Stranger Stuff (Tiny d6), Tiny Dungeon 2e , Tiny Frontiers Revised, Tiny Wastelands, Atomic HIghway, EarthAD.2, OneDice, Cartoon Action Season 2e, Awfully Cheerful Engine, Meddling Kids, Smallville, Firefly, BESM, more Savage Worlds, and, maybe both Retrostar and a house ruled D&D 3e or 5e
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Started with the red box and quickly went to 1e. Over the years tried other games for a night or few nights, but always went back to D&D. Buy the new edition when it comes out and transition, but would be ok staying with the same edition since we seem to like each of them- even 4e.

Have not played other RPGs since likely 2e/3e times, but my brother keeps buying some new games and will likely like to try them.


Elder Thing
Started with a DOS game called Phantasie (which my friends owned), first TTRPG was Earthdawn a few years later, started AD&D 2nd Edition a couple of years after that, and I've played dozens and dozens of games since.

D&D (by which I broadly mean all editions of D&D, as well as retroclones) is still home base for me. I've played and loved other games, but nothing else is as adaptable, flexible, and resilient as good old D&D.


A suffusion of yellow
I started with 2 bullywugs and a carrion crawler and then Mum bought me the Basic Red Box, I left Ad&d for GURPS, came back for 3e dabled with freeform, liked 3.5 and PF didnt like 4 and now mainly play Fate or pf.
still considering 5E

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