D&D General Die Vecna Die! Did anyone run this adventure?


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With Vecna popping back into the spotlight, I am reminded of this adventure that came out at the end of 2e.


I'd only recently started playing D&D, but I remember it being advertised in Dragon magazine as a sort of apocalyptic "end of the world / edition" adventure. Here's a quick synopsis from Wikipedia:

Die Vecna Die! is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D 2nd edition) module released in 2000 by Wizards of the Coast. The module is divided into three sections, each taking part in a different campaign setting: Greyhawk, Ravenloft, and Planescape. It was one of the last official adventures released for the 2nd edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Did anybody run this? What are your memories of it? Did you use it to transition from 2e to 3e?

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Read it but didn't run it. As noted in another thread, I liked it, in the sense that I enjoyed the crossover aspects of it; feels very much like a 1990s comic-book crisis storyline. I don't know how well it would actually run, however, and I do get the sense that certain plot elements could rub fans of each setting the wrong way. It seems pretty railroad-y, too.

FWIW, I liked it a heck of a lot better than The Apocalypse Stone, another world-ending 2E adventure from the same era, which had some mean plot twists that I'm sure would have legitimately upset players.


Bought and read it. Juggled the idea of running it. Decided against it cause my players didn't really want to deal with world ending adventures. Nothing about the writing really stands out to me.

I ran Vecna Lives!, which was the 2nd part of the Vecna trilogy, and found it to be rather... meh. Assuming it keeps to type, it reads really well but makes very strong assumptions about what the players do, with failure to follow the railroad destroying the setting.


I stumbled onto it in later years, hoping it would tie together all my favourite things (Ravenloft, Planescape, Vecna, the L*dy). It did indeed - by the throat, and then it hung them. Suffice to say, I am not a fan.

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I ran it! One of my favourite high-level modules (I suggest to play at Lvl 13. There aren't many modules of such Lvl for AD&D2e). Enemies are very strong, good for optimized parties. It's written by people who knew well the rules of AD&D2e at its peak. Also, you get to visit Greyhawk (and experience Iuz' demise), Ravenloft (as Vecna the Darklord was able to flee the Demiplane of Terror) and Planescape (Vecna's ascension). I strongly recommend it.
The module was written to wrap-up AD&D2e with an over-the-top story that embraced multiple settings, but the rules for 3e weren't yet developed.
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Own it. Read it. Didn’t run it. We did the Apocalypse Stone but I toned it down a little so they had fun. It was a nice send off for a lot of characters. When 3E started, a few characters returned, at first level, with no memories of what happened and eventually all met up together. Eventually their memories were restored but they were the only ones who knew that the multiverse was changed.

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