D&D 5E Distance Estimation


I like the way The Black Hack and its derivates does it:

Close: ≤5ft
Nearby: 6-30ft
Over there: 31-60ft
Far away: 61-120ft
Distant: 121-300ft
Way far away: beyond 301ft

When using TotM just use these descriptives instead of precise numbers.

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B/X Known World
I wonder have you ever been hunting or even just thrown a rock at something?
Yep. I know what I can hit, with what, and I can guess the distance in very rough estimates, so when someone says people can tell exactly how far something is or exactly how many inches or whatever, I know they’re making stuff up.


I have nothing to add involving the game... but I'm pretty sure my son's scout troop has vast new respect for estimating distances, lengths, and heights after the past few meetings...

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